Angry Tyra Banks Godzilla, Angry Tyra Banks Chipmunk.

I can't quite put into words why these two YouTube videos of a high-drama moment with Tyra Banks are so fun to watch over and over and over again. Maybe you can figure it out. Top: slow-mo rage-out. Bottom: Chipmunk version of same. Serving suggestion: watch them both at the same time and flip out. (via clayton cubitt)


  1. The first one is definitely freaky. Satan would be scared of the video. I mean… I’m going to make nightmare over this ! :P

  2. I find the comparison demeaing to godzilla :)

    The videos are funny though. Having been on her talk show and interacting with her a bit in person these videos are actually refreshing and humanizing.

  3. A guilty pleasure, but I find her to be (among the celebrity reality show hosts at least) an honest broker of what’s up.

    She’s no Phil Donahue, but she also isn’t a Stepford-Mecha like Martha Stewart or ‘the View’ crowd.

    She actually tries to teach a little bit of media literacy in every show – and that’s rare. I never expected to praise her, but her show is one of the best options in the genre.

  4. yeah! I love simultaneous flash videos. I just did a 4 at-a-time set of Drill Baby, Drill on my site. Hemingway is a great template for putting up a whole bunch of flash videos together.

  5. Barbara and I enjoy America’s Next Top Model— or, well, Bar appreciates the intelligence Tyra brings to her show, and I am obliged to tolerate her having it on all the time, because of this accurate description.

    What I’m saying is, we both found Demon Voice Tyra very cathartic. Thanks, Xeni!

  6. Go, girl! You take some responsibility for yourself. Step back in line and swallow hard. Look at Tyra Banks. You have _no_idea_ what it’s like to not have a race to support you and fight for you and allow you to get an education and have holidays and parades.

    You have no idea the load Tyra’s been through! What if you had to cut your hair to stay marketable. You dumb bitch, do it again, step out of line, tell Tyra your life is hard. Make her show you Hell without a flat iron. I bet you wouldn’t get arrested if you wore your hair without that white little scrunchy of yours. Stupid girl.

  7. I think it is so funny partly because most of the other people in the room aren’t moving much. So it looks a bit like it’s really her voice instead of the speed of the tape.

    The Godzilla version was the best! :D

  8. Why people watch these shows, save out of some kind of sociological study of the downfall of western civ, I have no idea.

  9. Watched the clip at normal speed to find out what this was about. Wow… what a psycho…

    What is sad about this is that this is considered entertainment.

  10. I usually only have nightmares with my eyes firmly closed.
    I hope having watched these videos won’t change that.

  11. OK, I think what scares me is that anyone found _any_ version of this entertaining.

    Redub it with a completely different rant, and maybe you’d have something. Maybe. But I doubt it.

  12. Xeni,

    You really need to remove the last part of your statement…. The part about watching both at the same time.

    My poor wife found me lying on the floor in the corner of our bedroom, crying in the dark, and chewing on my toenails. She had to slap me out my hysteria (I’m not sure she needed to use a bat).

    I’m going to have to go watch “Saw II” or something like that just to get this nightmare out of my head.

    Please consider the health of your readership before you recommend something like this again.

  13. I’m a fuddy-duddy as well. I find guilty pleasure in the soup and what not, but I don’t see the entertainment value in these two vids….

  14. Oh the glory of America’s Next Vapid Scrawny Skank. I always though boing boing readers were too smart to watch that crap.

    I could never be on any of those “game show to get a job” shows. As soon as the host started yelling at me to take the “contest” seriously, I’d flip out on them. How the hell do these sellouts expect their contestants to take it seriously when IT’S A FUCKING GAME SHOW!!! If it was serious there wouldn’t be challenges and rewards, it’d be bust your ass or get the hell out like the REAL WORLD!(no not that crap MTV show) That and I’d probably shank Gordon Ramsey the first time he yelled at me and I got spittle on my face.

  15. You slow it down to make it appear scary. You speed it up to make it appear funny. Oh, wow, what a revelation. Is this going to show up in BB every time another 5th grader figures this out?

    Must be a Really slow day for BB to post this junk.

  16. The chipmunk version had me rolling. Mostly because that’s the voice I hear in my head whenever I run across her vapid show.

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