Album covers made with Japanese food


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  1. trueblue2 says:

    4: I have always been a fan of that cover. It is pretty intense made out of food – someone obviously worked really hard on it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Liaf says:

    These are great–I thought you might like this picture, from when my diorama club’s theme was “edible music”:

    Nilsson’s The Point, made all of candy..
    But these make me want to go back and make more!

  3. Raines Cohen says:

    I guess this answers the age-old question of what album you’d like to have if stranded on a desert island. There’s nothing as effective as base appeals to the lower levels of the Maslovian pyramid through food to change priorities and restructure shopping lists.

  4. Kat Johnston says:

    I have had a great love of the art of Japanese bento for quite a while. Some of the artfulness that goes into creating these meals is incredible, especially with the time that must go into them… just a quick search of flickr can pick up a few very pretty ones that people have made, including entire garden scenes created with coloured egg whites, snow-peas slithers of capsicum and more. The creativity for something which is going to be consumed not all that long after… well… presentation is everything!

  5. buddy66 says:

    Yep. boingboing plays with its food.

  6. Mr_Saikou says:

    Awesome, just Awesome! The Green Album looks greener.

  7. Geonave says:

    That’s pretty amazing that someone did that. You must be a big weezer fan. I guess I will give you props!

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