Add cowbell and Christopher Walken to any song is a little Flash app that takes in any MP3, analyses it, and adds rhythmic cowbell and Christopher Walken samples, thus vastly improving it. More (via Waxy)


  1. I think this is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

    I enjoy the recently updated songs. Who would have guessed that Willie Nelson is AWESOME when you add cowbell and Christopher Walken?

  2. i think i broke it, i uploaded “Don’t Fear The Reaper” and it’s been stuck on the “Uh-Oh” page ever since

  3. Uploading the Lords of Acid, Show Me Your P***y, this is gonna be GREAT

    …but it’s takin’ a while…

    f’ it, I’m goin’ to Casa Bonita

  4. NO!!!!!!!

    Upon reaching 100% uploaded, the site displayed the ‘uh-oh’ page.

    It’s all just a ruse! A tease! A lulz!

    Woulda been pretty sweet, tho…

    Come to think of it, the Lords of Acid was an OK idea, but a RickRoll/Cowbell combo… well, I wouldn’t want anybody’s head to explode online, VIRTUALLY, or anything, but gee whillakers.

    I mean… gee whillakers.

  5. Hi, this is Brian from the Echo Nest — some of my employees made this app! It went down a couple of hours ago and the waiting cowbell queue was immense. We’re back up now though– if you’re having problems, please save the URL you were given after uploading and check again in a few minutes. We just added 10 more machines (thank you amazon) to handle the load.

  6. Dude, I so totally had this idea first! I’m gonna sue… OK, well so maybe I had the idea, but didn’t tell anyone, but I really was thinking how cool it would be to be able to press the “just add cowbell” button.


  7. Are cowbell-ized MP3s under the same scrutiny of the RIAA? Yikes. Or might that be what the increased tempo is trying to get around?

  8. i tried the most popular song i have in my library .. coldplay’s viva la vida .. and i am getting an error message ..

    iTunes genius is not working for me either …

  9. #11 IANAL but I am a 3L law student.
    Copyright protects against copying, distribution, derive, perform/public display.—-000-.html

    I argue that “cowbell-ized” MP3s fall under a Copyright exception, probably parody, maybe comment, criticism?
    Also, as long as they don’t have links for others to hear the music that you uploaded (which you presumably own), then they aren’t really distributing but merely providing a service to you. Now, if _you_ distribute the URL to the song, I think that is your problem.

    I’m skipping over a lot of Copyright basics but you research them yourself here (I worked on this site last semester for a class):

    Just tossing out some ideas early in the morning. Don’t rely on this in making any decisions.

  10. Christopher Walken’s voice is what you hear in your head as you read this post. You hear him saying these words in his usual oddball way, with his inflections. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t sound like movie dialogue; the point is that you’re hearing Chris Walken for your internal monologue.

    But now, suddenly, it’s Morgan Freeman. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

  11. Great, more long-expired fodder for all the terminal bores who think parroting ten year old Saturday Night Live catchphrases counts in any way as humor. They’re makin’ copies! They’re gonna pump! you up! Such wild and craaazy guys!

    Maybe there’s a chance of them realizing that their entire personalities can be replaced with a few lines of Actionscript, but I’m not holding my breath.

  12. hmmm…I liked what adding Walken did to Ballade de Melody Nelson but I am not so sure about the cowbell.

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