Kim Jong: Il?

North Korea's "dear leader" Kim Jong-Il was mysteriously absent from a big military hoo-hah in North Korea; now there is widespread speculation the dictator has suffered a stroke. He loves nuclear weapon, RPGs, imported cognac, horse riding, platform shoes, fast cars, and has some sweet-ass Elvis hair. He is also said to be a fan of the comedic works of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and once released the hip-hop compendium "Communist Rap Classics: License to Kim-Jong." (Thanks R Stevens)

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  1. “…and once released the hip-hop compendium ‘Communist Rap Classics: License to Kim-Jong.'”

    WHAT?! Why wasn’t I informed of this?

  2. Well, if he dies the government will just be taken over by his brother, Menta Lee Il.

    (Stole it from David Letterman).

  3. I’d hate to have to DM for him.

    “Yes Dear Leader. You made your saving throw. Never mind that natural 1. Tiamat insists.”

  4. Team America is a brilliant movie. It’s also one of the few hollyweird films to to actually “get” terrorism.

  5. @#18 Randwulf, hah, fuck those guys! I had this post queued up a few hours before *that* went live, but kept it in draft mode throughout the day. And like i twittered, bub, I’ve been waitin’ to make that bad joke for like 5 years. FIVE YEARS MAH FRIEND.

  6. September 9, 2008 5:28pm

    “L’l Kim Il is reportedly ill.”

    Note the date/time. A little wordy perhaps….

  7. …Ok, place your bets on who’ll (hopefully) die first: Kim Jong Il or Stogie Castro?

    …Insurance wager: who’ll die the most painfully?

  8. Something tells me that while Kim Jong Il might like South Park, but he wouldn’t like Team America: World Police.

    (I’m so ronery, so ronery…)

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