Raymond Scott: The First 100 Years


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  1. cha0tic says:

    I listened to the few examples on the website and thought.
    “Oh Generic cartoon music”
    So was he the chap that made that crazy styled jazz sound generic?

  2. Tamu says:

    Great, now it will take about a week to get Powerhouse out of my head.

  3. Pipenta says:

    The Beau Hunks do lovely Raymond Scott covers.


    Why would you want to get The Powerhouse out of your head?

  4. the Other michael says:

    About a year ago I jumped off the sofa, startled. I landed on my 78 of Scott’s “Businessman’s Bounce”.

    shattered into orts and scraps and nary a shred of sound.

  5. Mikey48 says:

    Very nice article!
    My band and I are putting on a few concerts of Scott’s music this December in and around Philadelphia….it’s pretty difficult to play but very rewarding to hear!
    Thanks for posting it!


  6. eustace says:

    …and an awesome portrait! Drew Friedman is incredible. Has he drawn anything that didn’t look as if it took years of painstaking artistry to produce?

  7. Egypt Urnash says:

    Lately it seems that 20% of student animation projects on YouTube contain unauthorized soundtracks by Scott (whose heirs encourage Creative Commons use).

    I am very pleased to hear that Scott’s heirs are aware of the place his music earned in the collective unconsciousness, and aren’t demanding that every use be Authorized and Paid.

    (never mind the fact that, well, animation students are very broke anyway.)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Listening to Powerhouse makes me want to build things in a flurry of joyful productivity. And for all those interested, there’s a documentary coming out about Raymond Scott. His son, Stan Warnow, is making it–check it out here.

  9. Junior Mad Scientist says:

    Several years ago, Basta Records released a 2-disc set of Scott electronica. Great stuff.

    The book mentioned something about Mark Mothersbaugh owning the Electronium. Last I heard, it was still inoperable. Anybody have an update on it?

  10. zibalatz says:

    for those in montreal and interested in more, the same group documented earlier on boingboing here…

    …is playing tonight at l’envers. check here for more details:

  11. Bloo says:

    For a recording containing live, in-studio performances by the Raymond Scott band (and others) you might check out the CD “Saturday Night Swing Club”. It’s a recording of the first anniversary of a CBS radio show and contains performances by many greats of the era

    Amazon listing

  12. airship says:

    If you have only heard Scott’s music in Warner Bros. cartoons, you have not really heard Scott’s music. Pick up a CD of his original recordings. When you listen, the first thing your brain will tell you is ‘cartoon music’, but work past that. I’m a fan of Carl Stalling’s versions on the cartoons, but Scott’s original arrangements were much stranger and more compelling than Stallings. Give them a listen.

  13. magicthread says:

    Raymond Scott’s soundtrack for County Fair Bread was an animated cartoon!

  14. Stuart Ellis says:

    Raymond Scott did write music for one cartoon… “Limbo: The Organized Mind” with voice over by Jim Henson. You can find it on YouTube.

  15. atomicelroy says:

    I love Raymond Scott’s music. My son, when he was a infant, would do a hypnotic whirling dervish dance every time I put on Powerhouse.
    His approach to perfection and musicians, sounds eerily similar to that of Frank Zappa’s, who ended up at the end of his life composing exclusively on the Synclavier.

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