Sami Rintala's furniture adapts over time


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  1. jbang says:

    Falcon Seven: Yeah, I was hoping that if you start chucking books on the bed the furniture would slowly start allocating shelving in one corner of the base, or something.

    Automagically, overnight.

    But no, multi-function Ikea-esque rectangles hussied up to resemble designed furniture.

  2. Mim says:

    “Sami Rintala’s furniture adapts to over time”

    That’s like “What’s the difference between a duck?”

  3. Takuan says:

    one leg is both the same as the other

  4. Robotech_Master says:

    How about a little more information on how they “adapt”? This is a really puzzling story with no details at all, just a couple of pictures of some ugly furniture.

  5. Talia says:

    #4 well? What IS the difference? We’re waiting.

  6. Enochrewt says:

    #6: If you can, go to the link. and hover over the thumbnails from left to right. They sort of build up from a bench-like piece. It’s not really that great, I just like that it’s on wheels for the most part.

  7. eustace says:

    LEGO furniture! Cool! Now the pile of stuff will sit, increasingly dusty but undisturbed, as I cycle through all the possible configurations of the furniture I bought to put said stuff on…

  8. aah says:

    Yh. Prtty sr cn gt gly-ss mdlr frntr t K. Cll m whn ths crp lks gd.

  9. Falcon_Seven says:

    By itself?

  10. Enochrewt says:

    Yeah, I know, BB isn’t “Crazy Eddy’s Discount Emporium of Furniture ad Gadgets” but when are they going to make things like this priced for the average Joe? I’m assuming it’s expensive because you have to request a price from the manufacturer.

  11. TikiHead says:

    At first I thought they were really sexy single beds!

  12. manicbassman says:

    gosh that’s some pretty ugly furniture…

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