Hot beef sundaes: an unstoppable trend


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Brian says:

I saw your post about hot beef sundaes.I attend the Iowa State Fair annually and at the Cattlemen's Beef Quarters they have a similar entree there.


  1. I, too, was at the ISF this year, and I can tell you the sign for the HBS was nowhere near at purdy as the one displayed here. Which made me sad, because I wanted to try one. Had to settle for a 16″ corndog and a turkey leg that would’ve choked Fred Flintstone.

  2. Does BoingBoing really need a hot beef injection every day? How about a steamer (a healthy choice), a pink taco, or your basic tossed salad?

    Come on…if you guys don’t grow up a little, you’re gonna have to change the name of this site to something that might serve as a euphemism or onomatopoeia for sex. Oh, right:P

  3. if you just read the description it sounds halfway decent: “A bowl filled with two scoops of hand-mashed home-style potatoes surrounded by slow-roasted, fork-tender roast beef topped with a savory beef gravy, a sprinkling of cheddar cheese, and finished with a sweet red tomato on top”

    however, the fact that they call it a sundae makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit…

  4. Am I the only one who, reading “Gentlemen’s Beef Quarters,” instantly thought of beefy men’s HIND quarters?

    Probably so.

    By the way, the international unit of male callipygy is the browder, for reasons obvious to any fan of FarScape. Virtually no one has more than 800 millibrowders except the unit’s namesake, who of course measures one full browder.

  5. I’m an Americorps NCCC Corpsmember stationed currently in Vinton, Iowa. As a thank you from someone we’ve been helping out, I was offered my first beef sundae (for free!). For all who are wondering, it was delicious.

  6. Oh, yes, how very mature. Now I suppose you’ll talking about other food names that sound dirty, such as Spotted Dick, the Manwich, and the Cleveland Steamer. Well, you should all learn to have an open mind, because having any one of these is a delightful experience, and I certainly wouldn’t mind opening my mouth and putting some of that hot beef between my cheeks, even if it does look messy.*

    *This post brought to you in memory of Tobias Fumke.

  7. For science, I am willing to eat the Hot Beef Sundae. I will report my findings as soon as my study is completed.

  8. OKay, from the name “sundae” I thought they were putting beef on ice cream. IF they can make deep fried mars bars they can think this up as well.

    now since it’s basically beef and mashed potatoes made to LOOK like a sundae… that’s different.

    and… there’s a restaurant named Pink Taco?

    Well that’s it I’m opening a tea shop called Teabaggin’s

    I’ll assume that all cuppings at Teabaggin’s come with two lumps.

    Maybe you’d be interested in cross-promoting with the titmouse-powered airline I’m about to start up…my first ad campaign will be called “Come on My Tits.” Because Lufthansa (roughly translates to “The Business of Blowing”) and NWA (translates to “Straight Outta Compton”) were already taken.

  10. Gee, do you think that this is possibly not so much a trend as a viral campaign by the Cattleman’s Beef Board? After all, this poster seems to have been printed by them (not the beef checkmark logo), and they’ve got a recipe for hot beef sundaes on their consumer website.

    Interesting BoingBoing is willing to declare a new “trend” on the basis of two advertisements. Way to be skeptical consumers.

    Not that I’m trying to take the fun out of a clever and probably tasty dinner idea — just pointing out that this is hardly an organically developed concept. Crafty parent’s may have been making it for years, but we probably wouldn’t be hearing about it right now if it weren’t for a large and powerful marketing lobby.

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