HOWTO make a very very expensive chess set

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Over at Instructables, SteevAtBlueDust tells how he made "the world's most expensive chess set." He used banknotes for the board and coins for the pieces. It cost him £2,402.68. Nice work! "The World's Most Expensive Chess Set" (


  1. In a week where the government took over Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac; Lehman, AIG and WaMu are all on the verge of folding; retail sales are down; and two huge automakers have suggested they’re not sure how they’re going to weather the economic downturn, I’m not really that excited reading about somebody who apparently has $4,305.84 in cash laying around to turn into a chess set.

  2. Oh and you may want to read that again “the world’s most expensive chess _____.”

    Happens to the best of uss.

  3. They made Monopoly chess sets with money out of real precious metals about a decade ago that was shown off at FAQ Schwarz.

    Gold and silver, etc.

  4. #2: I’d point out that being able to lay your hands on a few thousand pounds in cash doesn’t exactly make you Croesus, and that he hasn’t actually spent any of that money, but, well…

    Besides, maybe you’re right. Maybe the reason that automakers and bankers are going under is that this guy would rather do something with money other than spend it as soon as he gets it.

  5. You could make the board in U.S. money for (32x$1)+(32x$2)=$96. The pieces could be made for less than $20 since we have six different coins to work with (1,5,10,25,50,100 cents). In fact, since there are only six different chess pieces, you could go cheap and use only one for each piece, using the heads/tails plan for telling sides apart. That makes the low-end cost of pieces $4.76. Total cost of U.S. chess set: $100.76. More if you want to ‘tower up’ the pieces like the British set.

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