Interview with Mayor about baseless no-knock pot raid


Here's an MP3 from the Cato Institute with Cheye Calvo (Mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland) describing how police conducted a baseless no-knock marijuana raid on his home, killing his two labrador retrievers. It's chilling.

The good news is that Calvo and his family adopted a new labrador from a shelter and are working to restore some order back into their life.


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  1. “…I thought it was a home invasion…” “…they din’t identify themselves…” “it was not a no-knock warrant…” “I think this is their standard operating procedure…” “… unbelievably excessive force…” “innocent is innocent”

    I can’t but be outraged at the police state tactics used here.

  2. The cops involved must surely have known that it was the mayor’s house, right? It all sounds like a weak Hollywood script.
    Corrupt local police attack maverick mayor. Call the A-Team!

  3. reposting from last thread:

    Truly amazing interactive map showing how frequent these botched raids really are. Pages upon pages of innocent people having their houses broken into and being killed in these raids, it’s really a shocking and eye opening look into our how our police “help protect us from marijuana” – by killing dozens of innocent people every year.

    What’s worse is I’ve been given the impression these often don’t get reported, either due to fear of repercussion or simply because the media usually don’t care. The actual number of these raids is undoubtedly much higher than those found on the above site.

  4. If my dogs were shot I’d be just out of my head with grief and rage. He seems pretty balanced about it (now). Maybe we have here someone who’s actually qualified to hold public office.

  5. It seems to me that by far the majority of marijuana related deaths are from police bullets. Kinda has to be since Amy Winehouse is required to get hospitalised for smoking the stuff.

  6. Jesus Wept!

    I’ve got family members who work in Law Enforcement. I *know* what good, competent police work is. I even started down the road of becoming a police officer myself, until my red/green color deficiency put the kibosh on that.

    I only hope that the work His Honor Mayor Calvo is doing with the Internal Affairs Division pays off and the person(s) responsible for this cluster-f&(k get handed their heads!

    Tekna2007@#10: Agreed.
    Cheye Calvo for President?

  7. Why does this article get 12 comments, yet an article about a kid and a broken pencil sharpener gets over 100 comments?

    This is why I am getting really sick of this site.

  8. Dpixel, because this is the 3rd story about this guy in the last 2 weeks.

    Could you whine some more please though, you know, to improve the ambiance?

  9. I recently had a dream that a police/FBI officer busted into my house and shot my beloved Bruno. He was trying to silence me from telling people of the asteroid that hit earth and our impending doom.

    I wonder if this article was responsible…

  10. …You know, he would be well within his rights to fire every single one of those Gestapo goons who not only participated in that raid, but the idiots who failed to do any research into just whose homw was being raided in the first place. This was just pure stupidity all around, and nobody save for the Po-Lice union would bitch if they all got canned.

    They’re supposed to serve and protect, not harass and abuse.

  11. “This is why I am getting really sick of this site.”

    …Well, don’t let your ass hit the door on the way out, then.

    [shakes head in utter dismay]

  12. You realize, of course, that this is a buddy/cop movie. Earlier, acting on a tip, the good cops busted into the Mayor’s home, found nothing, and now they’ve been told by their Captain to close their investigation because “…the Mayor is a pillar of our community.”

  13. Another reason why I canceled my plans to move back to the US. If you think this stuff looks bad from there, you ought to see it from here.

    Every day I read about all levels of government out of control, the erosion of civil liberties, tips on how to avoid being unreasonably searched, and little kids getting kicked out of school for bringing a broken pencil sharpener to school. And all of this is happening in the country in which I was raised.

    Please take these things seriously. The US is falling or has fallen apart. It’s at war with itself. It’s just not on my list of countries I want to live in anymore, and that breaks my heart.

  14. It is often said that the justice system is a substitute for violence.

    Since the internal police investigation has exonerated the officers, it is clear that this situation won’t be over until the sheriff, police chief and all officers involved are swinging at the ends of ropes.

  15. “The good news is that Calvo and his family adopted a new labrador from a shelter and are working to restore some order back into their life.”

    How about working to prevent this sort of thing from happening again in their town?

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