Kids' Dalek video


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  1. eustace says:

    Not the donkey! Aaauugh!
    Another incarnation of the Doctor – and right up there with Tom Baker!

  2. Keith says:

    Way better than “Torchwood”

  3. franko says:

    riveting! who says kids don’t play anymore??

  4. scionofgrace says:


    That was amazingly cute. The boys were so adorable! Somebody did a great job putting this together. Scary, isn’t it, how the effects are as good as a lot of Classic Who?

  5. MichaelRN says:

    “Many thanks to those who agreed to be exterminated.”

    /me sheds tears of joy.

  6. Evil Paul says:



  7. mulderjoe says:

    That was fantastic! Really cute, great special effects. I want to do one with my own kids…what editing software did you use????

  8. Anonymous says:

    KTEH – the PBS in San Jose – is organizing a Dr. Who fan video contest. Should be happening in a month or so. The local Legion of Rasillon is planning some entries. I’ve already seen one YouTube video of a San Francisco apartment invaded by The Ood.
    The BBC seems much cooler about letting fan culture do their thing – which of course keeps people loving the shows instead developing the same resentment people have towards the record companies.

  9. sammich says:

    zapan @ 17 – I thought Cornwall, mainland UK, but historically and culturally linked to Brittany in the north of France…
    I’m a *teeny* bit bothered by your interest in their “daugthers” (sic) (sick?) …

  10. sammich says:

    zapan @ 17 – I reckon you’re right – it is France – but you’re still sick…

  11. zapan says:

    Looks like they did this during they vacations in France, the houses looks like the ones in Provence or Luberon.

    More and more brits in those regions, these days (to my pleasure, they bring they cute daugthers).

  12. tenbull says:

    The expression on that grandmothers face in the beginning was priceless!

  13. dewexdewex says:


  14. vetlemakt says:

    If the internet only consisted of this kind of heart-warming videos, I’d move inside. Loved it!

  15. arkizzle says:


    That was great, and the effects and acting were levels of magnitude better than so much crap on TV.

    Well done, all involved!

  16. harpdevil says:

    I loved this so much, and i completely agree with Vetlemakt. Post all your comments on the video itself so the kids can see how much we all love it, I bet they’d like that.

  17. Thinkerer says:

    Wonderful — The special effects were better than the BBC originals!

  18. padster123 says:

    #19… no way is it Cornwall: way too dry. Has to be somewhere much further south.

    Anyway, the video is quality, and I raise my hat to whoever put it all together. Nice one.

  19. membrain says:

    Yes very cute, by all participants! I wanna hug em all..

  20. DrHackworth says:

    very sweet. Reminds me of the wonderful film ‘Son of Rambow’… kind of a slightly higher budget version of the same idea…

  21. dtaylo75 says:

    Excellent! Tom Baker would be proud!

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