Lynne Naylor painting show in Palm Springs

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L.A.-based artist/animator Lynne Naylor has a show of new lovely, eerie, pop surrealist paintings opening tomorrow night, September 13, at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, CA. Along with her gorgeous paintings, Naylor is known for her work on The Ren & Stimpy Show and The Powerpuff Girls. The mood, colors, and composition of this series, titled Arlice's Odyssey, take my breath away. I was thrilled to learn that these paintings are the basis of a three-part illustrated storybook that will be published next year. The show opening is from 7 to 10pm and will feature the live psy-fi sounds of Sir Cosmo Cosmopollus (aka Naylor's multitalented husband, painter Chris Riccardi.) Arlice's Odyssey is also viewable online at Naylor's Web site. Seen above, "Arlice converses with a Sprite" (acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"). Arlice's Odyssey (


  1. Have you been there? Palm Springs is awesome – pure desert air, nice hot sun, and the main strip has all kinds of wonderful little shops full of beautiful art.

  2. I’ve never been there, but several friends of mine love it there. Apparently the mid-century architecture is really nice too.

    1. Hey, it was under 100 yesterday (113 on Saturday), but we had a dust storm and there’s a nauseating cloud of moist sulfur smell from the Salton Sea. Most of the shops downtown cater to tee-shirt tourists or sell 1980s looking southwestern art. There are, however, plenty of stores that resell mid-century furniture and accoutrements, as well as art that doesn’t sell by the square foot. And PS is a treasury of mid-century modern architecture. Bring sunscreen.

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