Martin K. Tytell, Typewriter Wizard, Dies at 94


6 Responses to “Martin K. Tytell, Typewriter Wizard, Dies at 94”

  1. Falcon_Seven says:

    “He found that by adding an idle gear he bought for forty-five cents on Canal Street, he could make a typewriter go from right to left.”
    Pure genius. The old school kind.

  2. scionofgrace says:

    Part art, part engineering, all awesome.

  3. tomic says:

    He perfectly typifies a social relationship that’s often ignored and undervalued: the deep cultural value of one lone nut with an obsessive skill.

    Too many people do not follow their passion(s) because of what other people think or a fear of being a weirdo or whatever — you only live once and you better goddamn enjoy and be good at what you spend your time at!

    I wonder if he had ‘kids’ (whatever age) hanging around his shop? What pleasant wierdities spawned off his shop? Or was he a lone curmudgeon? ANyone know?

  4. bbonyx says:

    At first I thought the headline said that “Tyrell” had died. I assumed that meant that Batty had arrived and was in need of his incept date.


  5. zuzu says:

    There, at the Tytell Typewriter Company, he often worked seven days a week wearing a white lab coat and a bow tie

    Commerce is our goal here at Tytell. “More typewriter than typewriter” is our motto.

  6. Jack says:

    This is great. And hits me on another level. Because I remember when the Canal Street in Manhattan used to be filled with repair/parts shops. Nowadays it’s all bootleg bags, glasses and jewelry.

    End of an era.

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