Sophie Can Walk: documentary on babies born without ability to walk.

Sophie Can Walk is a tour-de-force of cinematic advocacy greater than An Inconvenient Truth and a Michael Moore montage combined -- a film that speaks out bravely, albeit in a cute little googoo voice, against the prejudice faced by baby-Americans born without the ability to walk. Above, the YouTube low-rez; here's a better quality version. (thanks, Sepideh!).


  1. man, that guy is totally hot. the fact that he’s sad about his poor tiny-wheelchair-bound baby makes him even more attractive. wait — and his name is GAVIN? SWOON.

  2. I was one of those babies… born without the ability to walk. It took me a year or two, but I overcame this adversity and today I proudly walk all around town. (Except when I’m sitting, lounging, driving, or laying in bed).


  3. Antinous, I looked at about 1.5 seconds of your video. The original post didn’t need a unicorn chase, I’ve never asked for one before, but now I need one. Horror, yes.

  4. It’s even more tragic than that. Babies can’t talk, go to the bathroom, or even feed themselves. The special care that they need is heartbreaking.

  5. But what are McCain’s and Obama’s stances on the issue? This is important.

    We can’t have yet another administration overlooking the needs of these unfortunates.

  6. Our babies still can’t walk at birth? What is this, the 19th century?

    Other nations are lightyears ahead of us. How do we expect to compete in this global economy if our children can’t even walk?

  7. I thought the video was lame and smug…
    It would have been better if it turned out his child had some affliction that meant she didn’t walk at a year or whatever. Then we could have watched him fret like the parents of kids with actual issues.

  8. Poor baby-americans. I cried and cried. Then I watched the video and cried some more. Now I’ll just have a good cry. While crying.

  9. Hey Gavin, is this a Do or a Don’t according to VICE*?

    *I am sorry, I just can’t help myself.I am a Serious Fucking Asshole. I get it.

  10. I’m sorry.

    I LOVE you Gavin, and Sophie, and super bitchin’ mommie. Don’t listen to those motherfuckin’ naysayerz.


  11. Ahhh Gavin.. he’s really at his best when denigrating the style of the un-hip, but this is a good foray into the world of cinematographical documentarianism. I give this film 7 kittens, -3 for the totes obv manstamp that Gavin is sporting. Talk about a DON’T!

  12. Even worse, American babies are born without TEETH! Where’s the righteous indignation? When my 3-yr-old learned her sibling would be born without teeth, she asked worriedly “Have tongue?”

  13. Please, someone tell me where I can buy something that will support these poor, unfortunate children,,

  14. SBTVC is one of my favorite websites. I’m so glad is showing some over their work. Gavin McInnes is a genius!

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  16. Personally, I moonwalked down the cervix, emerging from the vagina with a triple-spin finishing with a kick into the splits.

  17. My grand-nephew was born 3 months early due to his mother having been in a car accident, and they had to take him by C-section. In addition to just not being ready to come out yet, he has other issues associated with trauma from the accident, and spent the first six months of his life in the neonatal ICU. He’s still not out of the woods, at 10 months old, and may never be.

    That being said, I failed to see the humor of the mockumentary.

  18. Nice (if a bit much). This is especially funny because I just kind of started walking when I was nine months old, and then my parents were really worried when my brother too a little over a year to learn.

  19. No wonder the kid can’t walk, he has no muscle definition! He needs to get that kid on a steak-and-peanutbutter-milkshake diet pronto.

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