The Bush Years poster features a dapper Jack Abramoff


I don't have much to say about this poster that was sent to me. I just thought Jack Abramoff cuts a commanding figure in that outfit. It's unfortunate that men have stopped wearing hats to work.

Fun story about Abramoff here.


  1. Abramoff probably wishes he was born a century ago, so he could be a proper gangster and not have to lower himself to earning a living as a mere lobbyist.

    Shouldn’t it be “The Bush Years! 2001-2009”?

    In any case, this poster’s release is a little premature, because he has a few more months to utterly fuck up something else. The second edition might feature stock brokers trying to break open office windows so they can jump. Maybe a tent city on the national mall, and President Palin being sworn in at an undisclosed location.

  2. I don’t know what to say, this just leaves me sitting in disbelief, no disgust, or empty, sad… The last eight years have been like some strange bad dream. This poster makes it all to real, maybe I’ll lament the loss of a fine Fedora too, it’s easier than looking at the rest.

  3. … and to think that there was so much fuzz about whether Clinton “Had sex with that woman” or not – Bush did all that and completely got away with it.
    The world truly is bizarre.

  4. amapolalola,

    There is one image, however, that should be printed and distributed EVERYWHERE — McCain humping Bush’s leg. That says it all.

  5. It IS wonderful, #9.

    It is full of “wonders,” as in “I wonder how they got away with that shit without being impeached, much less getting reelected.”

  6. #13:
    That’s because the majority of a group of 535 people went right along with Bush, even with a Democratic-party majority.

    Legislation originates in the House, after all.

  7. I distinctly remember my feelings in January 2001 when they showed Clinton boarding a plane right after he handed the keys over. I thought, wow, the end of a great era, and I wonder what’s coming next? Hoo boy…

  8. Wait, people, you know that Jack Abramoff wore the hat for religious reasons, right? “Looks like a ganster” ??? How about “Looks like a Conservative Jew.” Am I the only person who lived in an East Coast city?

  9. That’s the point of the Salon article.

    That the world saw Jack Abramoff wearing this hat for the first time while admitting to such grievous transgressions, that much of the world will now associate this symbol of piousness with the gangster look, is a Chillul Hashem — an act that shames the name of G_d.

  10. This doesn’t come close to summing it up. I don’t see one example of Bush’s “Healthy Skies, Healthy Forests,” policies, for example. The complete gutting of 35 years of environmental rules and regulations deserves at a least a mention, don’t you think?

  11. Think – if the US wasn’t attacked by terrorists in 2001 and if Katrina had hit an area not populated by Democrats – both incidences President Bush had no control over – this would have been a much less interesting poster. Oh, and if his family wasn’t in the oil business.

  12. @UGLY CANUCK, An argument about President Bush’s responses to the 9/11 attack and Katrina would last for a loooong time so, if you will, just think about what Sean Hannity would say about the poster and how you would reply – and we’ll both agree that whoever made the Bush Years poster did a very good job. Man I hate politics – the last 8 years (except for the Supreme Court appointees)have made me absolutely sick.

  13. Makes me realize that in November, I will be in tears. Tears of joy or tears of despair.
    I agree with #4. Download, print, plaster. Or at least send permalink to everyone in your address book.

  14. “…dapper Jack Abramoff.”
    This just goes to show you that a POS like Abramoff can dress in a suit and be called ‘dapper’. Honestly.

  15. “…Jack Abramoff wore the hat for religious reasons…”

    So, is it supposed to help keep him from going to hell or something? LOL

  16. Conservativegoth- what the hell does any of that have to do with Bush? I love it that less than 30% of adult Americans tink everyone else in dee hole fkin world is wrong. This makes me laugh till I cry. I mean come on now. That anyone, other than a Buddhist or Taoist monk, can look around and think everything is OK, is baffling.

  17. Well, my original comment seems to have been deleted by the administrator. So much for free speech, huh?
    I don’t think think that everyone else in the world is wrong. I’m not in love with the current administration so much, either. As a matter of fact, for one who has voted for Republicans since 1972, I would vote for Mrs. Clinton if she were running.
    Everything is not OK. But it does not fall on the shoulders of one man alone. Clinton and Carter are as much to blame for the current state of affairs as anyone, but I don’t see any cute little posters proclaiming their shortcomings.
    I agree with TRVTH, the poster is, indeed, a piece of work, but I would have included at least the last four Presidents, just to keep things even.

  18. Conservativegoth, wow… your first ever comment got deleted and not just disemvowelled. It must have been really ugly.

    Would you care to elaborate on how Carter or Clinton “as much to blame for the current state of affairs”?

  19. A goth who has been voting since the early 70s?

    I’m picturing a 55-year old, trying on t-shirts at Hot Topic.

  20. Any pseudo-conservative that says they would have voted for Clinton is a damn liar. You’d have a stroke if you pulled that lever and you know it.

  21. “just to keep things even”

    What a miserable cop-out.

    A few years ago Conservatives had a nice smug-fest going about “defining down deviancy.”

    Now they’re perfectly OK with all matter of horrors, of dereliction of duty, of incompetence, of corruption . . . and it’s all OK because some former president or another did a pale shadow of something similar.

    Like: The Clipper Chip — a failed initiative during the Clinton years for a voluntary encryption system with a back door — somehow equates with the monstrous, unaccountable, illegal domestic surveillance programs.

    The poster needs to be larger. It should have a picture of George Deutsch on it, and of the oil-industry hack who edited reports on global warming, and the other industry foxes put in the environmental hen-house. It should have Rove caught in the act of telling Bush that Reagan taught us that deficits don’t matter!. It should show the set designers that stage-managed every friendly-audiences-only public appearance. (Remember the phony backdrop showing crates labeled “Made in the USA” that Bush posed in front of when he visited a warehouse?)

    Miserable failure.

  22. As I scrolled down bOINGbOING and encountered the poster I raised my glass to my lips and sipped as I took it in. Then I read Mark’s caption. There goes another keyboard.

  23. Thank you #13 for this:

    It is full of “wonders,” as in “I wonder how they got away with that shit without being impeached, much less getting reelected.”

    In response…

    Voting fraud is how he got elected both times. Sadly, I really do believe that. Just ask me about the voting machine in Ohio that recorded 4 billion votes for John Kerry.

    And Bush got away with all of this because Democratic leadership in Congress signed off on torture and spying and the war. If he goes down, they go down with him.

  24. I don’t think Jack Abramoff was wearing his hat to work in that picture. Wasn’t that him leaving his trial?

  25. Re: #41 — I was actually wondering what was up with the butt of the poor guy on the right-hand side of the picture from Abu Ghraib. It looks deformed, like the skin was pulled off and wrapped around something. Any idea what it is?

  26. “the last 8 years (except for the Supreme Court appointees)have made me absolutely sick.”

    Hey, the Court appointees made me absolutely sick, too. Do I win something?

  27. Yeah, Bush was terrible. I think the terrorists JUST wanted to do the 9/11 attacks, and that is all. We should’ve left them alone. It makes me want to PUKE when I see those alleged terrorists being teased so aggressively.

  28. @HAZ #42 That’s just the foot of the guy on top of him you are seeing.

    @BROWNSAUCE #41 Another angle would make it easier for you to ignore, wouldn’t it.

  29. #44 happynrich, is this your best attempt at sarcasm? 9/11 was a CRIMINAL act, and should have been actively pursued as one. check the FBI profile of osama bin laden. nothing in it about 9/11. according to them there is not enough evidence to even charge him with the crime( unlike the cole and u.s. embassy bombings). so, puke your guts out,baby! and i hope you hit the toidy.

  30. ooh, but stay away from the brownsauce that tends to be created from the pile of man-ass. i say again, oooh.

  31. I always had my suspicions that society started going downhill around the time people stopped wearing hats. (tongue in cheek)

    1. holly,

      That was a fascinating first-time comment, two days before the election. But questioning Senator McCain’s military record doesn’t really have anything to do with this thread.

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