Velocars - microcars that are pedal powered


Over at Dinosaurs and Robots, I dipped a toe into the vast world of velocars, velomobiles and other pedal powered craft. As is often the case on the interdoodles, there is a fascinating world of diehard pedal automobile enthusiasts out there just waiting to share their passion.

Velocars at Dinosaurs and Robots


  1. If only velomobiles weren’t so damned expensive…

    And if you think it’s hard to find a good locking spot for your bicycle, you’re in for a treat with a velomobile.

  2. Ooooooh. Thanx James Gyre, the link has some very cool examples, my fave being the Human Car. Wouldn’t you love to ride in one?
    And “the one”, which looks supercool, is buildable; but I know from experience that the bearings needed for the wheels cost many hundreds of dollars apiece!

    Building a shelled recumbent would be fun, Craniac, but great ghu, what a time investment.

  3. Ooooo! The automotive Sedan Chair. Just in from Discworld. I knew they’d get around to inventing the automobile eventually. Thank your Gods and Goddesses they got it right.

  4. Very cool.

    But your use of the term ‘interdoodles’ has brought up an interesting issue: I feel that we should all agree on a standardized ‘cute & funny’ term for the Internet. I generally use ‘Intertubes’, but I’m open to change. How about it? What term should be standardize on?

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