Higgs Boson plush toy

Particle Zoo sells this adorable cuddly Higgs Boson for your kid's crib or your cubicle. No way to tell from the photo if it's very massy or just moving very fast in another spatial dimension. Higgs Boson (via Wonderland)


  1. So cute! Like a unicorn! Exactly like, in fact.
    Maybe the Higgs Boson exists, and maybe it doesn’t, but no matter what, they’ll keep looking for it, no matter what the results of their experiments are. One of the things it will help explain, if it exists, is string theory, which a lot of the smartest people believe in, but also a lot of the smartest people are starting to think is a dead end, the alchemy of the 21st century. Even Newton believed in Alchemy, and it led to modern day chemistry and physics, but it was, at its heart, nonsense. String theory proposes lots of great ideas, but most of them are untestable, and will remain untestable forever. Hopefully there will be an offshoot of string theory that will lead to something more than just an exercise in navel gazing.

  2. Before my son was born, I never could remember the word for pre-term labor (”Braxton Hicks” contractions) and kept calling them “Higgs boson contractions.” They do sound similar when it’s late at night and you think you’re about to emit a new person.

  3. sammich @ 12

    LOL did you check out the http://MadSciStuff.com website? They memtion that collisions will start on October 21 and they even have a guarantee that if the world does get destroyed in the end, all evidence that you bought one of their ‘I survived’ t-shirts will be destroyed to save you any embarassment haha! There’s no risk :P Your cash will be destroyed too so… LOL

    But I think you have completely missed the point of these tees. It is to defy the silly media and people who jumped at the first chance of spreading spreading such a dumb and sensational story.

  4. its filled with gravel?
    the gravel gives it mass…so…the source of mass in the universe is gravel?

    Hawkings bet $100 they never find the Higgs. So stock up, put them on ebay in 20 years, along with the jars of universal ether.

  5. vorpalchick @ 9 + 14 oops! Hands up for posting an unresearched cheap joke… (I hadn’t followed your link) …but we have SO LITTLE TIME LEFT for such nicities :O(

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