Get well soon, Teresa!

Teresa Nielsen Hayden, our fantastic comment moderator, took a funny turn on Thursday night; which turned out to have been a very unfunny (but thankfully minor) heart attack. She's doing well, recovering and comfortable, if bored, while awaiting some more test results. A few of you have written to us to get updates -- Teresa's husband Patrick has a quick update on Making Light:
Meanwhile, is she okay? Sure; mostly bored. Lutheran Medical Center is a good hospital, but they’re still a hospital, all hurry-up-and-wait, vagueness about what to expect next, and long delays, particularly over a weekend. Since hospitals aren’t really a great place to leave valuables unattended, houseguest Elise Matthesen and I have been bringing her computer to her every morning and taking it home at night. She does have a net connection, but don’t count on her for instant responses to inquiries; for the moment, anything urgent should probably be bounced to me.
Get well soon, Teresa -- we couldn't do this without you! Either a heart attack, or a Greek of the same name

Update: On the one hand, they're saying the stress test was positive. On the other hand, they're letting me out of here! Yaaaaay! Home! (Also, no more having to follow comment threads on my BlackBerry.)

Thank you all for your great kindness. (tnh)


  1. Man. I bet she had way better plans for the weekend than this! I hope TNH feels better soon and has hot nurses looking after her in the meantime.

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  3. Please get well and get back soon.

    There once was a lady quite far from throwing in the towel,
    Who when fighting “wrong” posts fought like General Powell,
    She was up late at night,
    Giving trolls quite a fight,
    Said she “I haven’t yet begun to disemvowel.”

  4. Teresa any chance you would let the medi-nerds see your 12 lead ECG’s and labs? or at least tell us diagnosis and treatment.

  5. Godspeed on your recovery, Teresa! (I already said something at Making Light, but I figure a double dose of good wishes can’t do any harm.)

  6. …I can speak from experience on this one: there’s three ways to keep orderlies and other scumbags posing as “hospital caregivers” from ripping off your notebook while you sleep:

    1) Make sure you’ve got a big external drive hooked up to it that’s got lots of blinking LEDs, because all those cable scare the daylights out of your average bedpan changing thug. Western Digital makes such a case & drive combo that works wonders in this regard.

    2) Get a motion sensor alarm on it that’ll scream bloody murder if it’s picked up off the mobile table. A nurse can still move the table so she can pump you full of morphine when necessary, but unless some dipshit picks the notebook up the “screamer” won’t go off.

    3) Get a screen saver that looks like a radar scanner, so it looks as if your computer is keeping an eye on you and your surroundings. There’s a fan-made Battlestar Ponderosa screen saver that fooled the stupid orderlies so well that I actually had a doctor come in and ask if he was going to “set off my alarm” by examining me!

    …Of course, if you’re like me, your body won’t let you sleep so you won’t miss out on all the morphine buzz :-)

  7. Aww, that must be so scary.

    I got food poisoning last night, it was awful. I was gonna make a long comment about it and try to get some sympathy, but now it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

    Get well soon!

  8. You too, Knodi? Geez, it’s like an epidemic.

    Get well soon, Teresa, and I hope the attack was just a lone, single thing, never to bother you again. We like you too much around here for you to just go off and live in some hospital. ;)

  9. Oi, heart attacks suck. Get well soon, Teresa!

    If I knew where that hospital was (and I had the money to do so), I’d send a bunch of flowers. Hospitals are bland as hell, and I’m sure a bit of color would be fairly nice.

    You…you can’t leave a laptop at a hospital? Argh! I feel your pain, Teresa, I feel your pain.

  10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Teresa…your vigilant efforts are much appreciated here and will be missed. (But don’t resume them until you’re whole and hale!)

  11. get well, be well, stay well !

    i had a near one too, recently, and i feel lucky.

    best wishes for a long and healthy life !!

  12. “Gt wll sn? ws gnn sy tht. Wll, gt wll sn anw. :)”

    …Even incapacitated, she’s still keeping an eye on the place :-)

  13. I can haz defibrillashunz?

    Holy shit Teresa, I was not expecting that! Hope you are ok. Please, please take the time to let your body fully recover. We’ll be waiting patiently, and taking turns on the trolls in your stead.

    Lots of love.

  14. When friends and family are ill I usually offer them a good book and advise them to take a literary holiday. With your voracious literary consumption perhaps some reality TV?

    My hopes and prayers for a full and speedy recovery Theresa.

  15. Get well soon, Teresa! We need you operating the anti-spam space lasers.

    I hope medi-tech (and the U.S. healthcare system) are adequate to the task of properly taking care of you.

  16. Here’s to a speedy recovery! this place is going to turn into a YouTube-style slobberfest without your talents :)

  17. Wishing TNH all the best, very crappy news to come into on a Monday morning.

    I hope teh trolls (myself included) behave in your absence.

    Get well soon.

  18. Cory, Xeni, Pesco, Mark, Joel… whoever. We trust you will post updates? Something is missing here.

    Maybe this will be the longest thread ever that didn’t require any disemvowellments?

    The comment tiller can go unmanned only for so long.

    Speedy recovery Teresa.

  19. Hey, @Jake0748 — sure, to the extent that Teresa and her family are comfortable with sharing information with the world, we’ll share it here.

    @modusoperandi, you know, I’ve always believed this, too. But then, when you’re in pain or drugged up and sad, and faced with scary entrees — even the most pathetic li’l cuppa pudding seems a joy in comparison.

  20. Get well soon! I am sorry that you are in hospital. I wish you lived somewhere with socialized medicine.

    And to Meh @49, I think that is literally the meanest thing I have ever seen someone say to another human being in real life. I cannot imagine what kind of person you must be.

  21. Oh God, it’s hard to believe that you at the hospital and going through critical medical treatments. I have prayed for you, to recover as soon as follow. Best wishes for faster recovery. Get well soon.

  22. Feel better, hospital sucks and is boring. I recommend videos on your iPod and surrepititious blackberrying or iPhoning.

  23. Get better Mom!

    Seriously. That’s an order. I’m wiring you my unspent positive karma points. (I should have a few, as I went to a Buddhist temple the other day.)

    Best wishes. Hope to see you back soon.

  24. Xeni Jardin “@modusoperandi, you know, I’ve always believed this, too. But then, when you’re in pain or drugged up and sad, and faced with scary entrees — even the most pathetic li’l cuppa pudding seems a joy in comparison.”
    It’s the little things, the simple joys, that make life worth living.

  25. Yesterday, not my best day ever. Last night I was sitting there talking to Patrick about putting up a short entry about Hurricane Ike and the impending immersion of Galveston Island. … All very normal. Then I got this strange pain that was kind of like indigestion only not, and then it radiated up my chest and neck and lower jaw …


    Yet another thing we have Hurricane Ike to blame for… (Thank goodness it didn’t hit while she was moderating trolls on Boing Boing, or some people would be getting beaten up right now!)

  26. hey xeni, anti, any word from teresa today? just curious. teresa, if u r reading this, i send you psychic cake via the imbecilical chord that connects all of our brains. and pudding. lots of pudding.

  27. Meh: Oh, it’s you again.

    Did you know that “n**ner-n**ner” is a Word of Power, not to be used lightly?


  28. Hi, guys! I put my update in the main entry. They’re letting me out! Which is good, because I was ready to start gnawing on my bedside table.

    The food here is far from being the worst I’ve seen in a hospital, but their desserts are only awesome if pureed canned pears qualify.

  29. TNH 66: I was ready to start gnawing on my bedside table.

    See? Your hamster was with you in spirit!

    I’ve already done the Happy Dog Dance at Making Light, but…what the heck!

    *does the Happy Dog Dance*

  30. Ol’ Meh there was already slain before I could lay finger on him. That’s what he gets for keeping bad company.

    Yo, Xopher!

    MinTphresh, I do like “imbecilical chord.”

    Decio, all the old references I’m familiar with say it means “one who gleans or harvests.” Taken together with my middle name Barbara, “stranger or foreigner,” I figured it came out “International Harvester.”

    (Still other references translate TNH as Hetzer, meaning troublemaker, bushwhacker, or Stridsvagn.)

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  32. uh… Roses are red, violets are blue, all my base are belong to you.
    (note to self: don’t compete with Takuan)

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