Mom accused of stealing daughter's identity to attend highschool and become a cheerleader

A 33 year old woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing her 15-year-old daughter's identity and going back to high school to become a cheerleader and get a diploma. Her daughter lived in another state with her father, from whom the woman was estranged. She faces six years in prison for identity theft. That would be a pretty interesting ending to a wild summer teen comedy about a mom who yearns to be a cheerleader.
According to the complaint, Brown wanted to get her high school degree and become a cheerleader because she didn't have a childhood and wanted to regain a part of her life that she'd missed.

Brown allegedly attended cheerleading practices before school started, received a cheerleader's locker and went to a pool party at the cheerleading coach's house.

The $134.50 check Brown gave to the cheerleading coach for her uniform bounced, the complaint said.

Mom allegedly uses daughter's ID to be cheerleader