Babylon 5 Jamaican vacation promo


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  1. nigelstwin says:

    The first thing I thought of was Fhloston Paradise as well.
    But then I got to thinking: Isn’t Babylon a bad place in the dogma of Rastafarians, which finds its home in sunny Jamaica? The whole thing’s kinda funny in that light.

    I’m jus’ sayin’, mon.

  2. Roach says:

    I find it unlikely that this was recent and official (maybe one, but not both) for a couple reasons. First, all those scenes are from the first season of B5. Second, it’s got the WB logo, and that network hasn’t been around in forever.

    Still my favorite show of all time and I’m glad to see it get a mention on BB.

  3. technogeek says:

    We remember thee, Psion…

  4. John Hudgens says:

    Roach: While the promo *is* offbeat, it’s legit. is a new online video portal, offering free (but ad-supported) streaming episodes of a lot of older Warner Bros. and TheWB programming, along with a few new webseries – it’s only just recently gone online…

  5. dequeued says:

    This is one reason I love Babylon 5.
    It makes much more of a connection to our time our society, and a very gritty feel, with it’s “hypertext terminals” and sleazy advertisements all over the place.

    JMS said he wanted Babylon 5 to feel like LAX.

  6. Roach says:

    Huh. Interesting, John – didn’t notice the .com. I just looked and they’ve got the whole first season of B5 on there. Crazy. I already own it on DVD, but maybe some new fans will get created.

  7. John Hudgens says:

    Not exactly how I’d go about promoting the show, but okay – that was different…

  8. nanuq says:

    The show is finished. Deal with it.

  9. mgfarrelly says:

    Oh my.

    I am REALLY curious what JMS is going to say about this

  10. caseyd says:

    excellent oddness.

    I’m finding that I can de-brainwash my 10year old’s krew by loaning out B5 DVDs. The parents find them much easier to watch and there’s something to talk about after a fair number of the episodes.

  11. technogeek says:

    I presume this is leading up to reruns.

    The vid clip had some blinking artifacts that were driving me absolutely bonkers. I was curious enough to watch through it, but it was verging on painful. Any chance we can figure out what it was and keep it from happening again?

  12. Schmorgluck says:

    Gah, it makes me want to rewatch the entire series! Which would be unreasonable: I’ve already done that twice this year.

    • Antinous says:

      Ah, Schmorgluck, in the grand old days of the Republic we had hundreds of servants to watch thousands of re-runs at our slightest whim.

  13. Pipenta says:

    Seems like they just copped the concept from “The Fifth Element”.

  14. Chocolatey Shatner says:

    I think “Succulent Psychic Space Berries” would make an excellent band name.

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