Full album from Sonseed, the 1980s Christian band that did "Jesus is a Friend of Mine"

Who can forget Sonseed's wonderful song, "Jesus is a Friend of Mine," which we posted here last week?

Cabel's Blog LOL found a copy of Sonseed's 1983 album, First Fruit, and made it available for download.

Unfortunately, he didn't like it very much:

If you're an internet completist, you'll probably get a kick out of it. But please note: you've already heard the best song! (Although, to be fair, "Say Yes" is only a few musical degrees away from a Ringo Starr Beatles B-Side.)
After quickly skimming through the songs, I have to agree. Sonseed: The Full Album


  1. Got to appreciate that these Christians had broken the mould of the traditional church music and were the ground work for the contempary Christian music that is now accepted in todays Church.

    Tradition is a hard thing to buck, so this family really were cutting edge, ( and I dig the neat clean graphics on the album cover!)

  2. If you really want to find some super cool Jesus rock from that era or a little before, try and dig up Ishmael United/Rev Counta and the Speedoze. If anyone manages to find that, holla!

  3. After listening to the album and watching the video, I’ve come to the conclusion the band is very likely lip-syncing – which makes it even more hilarious to me.

  4. …Sorry, but this can’t hold a candle to the Doobie Brothers’ Jesus Is Just All Right With Me.

    “I can fix that for you.”

    …Wanna know what the immunization for that one is? Wake up in the middle of a colonoscopy with six feet of camera up the wazoo like I did, and guaranteed you’ll stay on the straight side of the fence :-? :-)

  5. The real story behind all this jazz:


    I don’t subscribe to the same moral outlook or worldview as these people, but I can appreciate hard work and dedication when I see it. Quit the cheap-laugh gay/incestuous comments and try to understand like a half-rational human being with an iota of compassion.

    I hate that cool and removed involves leveraging yourself up using the fulcrum point of intolerance.

    Hi. I’m an atheist and I got other chortles out of this video that don’t involve denouncing their beliefs.

  6. Oh my god that lead singer looks psychotic! He either looks like he has some seething built up anger inside him that is only one comment away from exploding out, or that he has severe socialising issues. Im suprised he can look up from staring at the floor and make eye contact :P

  7. i have just also remixed this song – or at least the visuals.

    here’s a marilyn manson version:


  8. Now come on, this music bites in any religion/cult. I love ska and it’s related music. This aint it. This is a bunch of groove challenged, Osmond wannabes and that’s it. I wont deny them their right to make lame music but for chrissakes, why is it on Boingboing?

  9. @#21 – Umm, because it’s funny?

    I’m a practicing Christian and even I find this amusing. I’m surprised my FIL/MIL don’t have it. They’ve got all sorts of crazy stuff and serious bootleg tapes from all sorts of early 70’s Christian musicians/concerts.

  10. @#1 – What is it you imagine you are saying about gay people there? I’m pretty sure ur doing it wrong.

    I’m not saying anything about gay people, I’m saying something about the video and about me. To me, liking this requires a level of appreciation for camp that I don’t have (see Ployntabs’ #21 above). That’s all.

  11. that poor fella on the les paul looks like he was holding himself back.

    almost started rocking out at one point.

  12. @24 EH – I mean you no ill will, clearly you’re no -phobe and more often than not you’re spot on, but you are saying much more than you think you are by bringing gayness into a conversation about a campy Christian rock band.

    Can you step back and try to see what I see that you did there? Maybe you’re 13, otherwise I still feel u did it wrong.

  13. “Campy” is the thing, though! Camp and gay culture are nearly inseparable, though you’d be right to point out the difference between being gay and having an awareness and appreciation for gay culture (not all gays will like camp and not all people who like camp are gay), so at times they can be used interchangeably. I might as well have said, “Too campy,” but the meaning would still be substantially the same. The gap in meaning in the interchangeability of the two terms is where I hoped the humor would fall, but y’know…comedy is hard.

  14. No, EH, your usage in “I’m not gay enough to appreciate this” equates “gay” with words like “lame,” “defective,” “abnormal.” Conceivably, you didn’t mean it that way, but those are the connotations for that usage.

    If you mean “camp” then use “camp.” Reserve “gay” for “homosexual” or “bouyantly happy.” You’ll insult a lot fewer people that way.

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