Sandwich bag has fake mold printed on it to discourage thieves

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Concept design for an anti-theft sandwich bag. Anti-Theft Lunch Bag


  1. While I would not steal said sandwich, if I ran across it in the company fridge I would toss it in the garbage bin. So it’s kinda a wash. Yes, it’s not eaten, but yes it is thrown away and is still unavailable for the owner to consume.

  2. Infinitely better idea than the stackable fridge concept BB posted a couple days ago. Also reminds me of a William Gibson novel, where a character wrote “MILK EXPERIMENT” on the carton to scare away his roomates.

  3. The main problem with this is I’d be grossed out by my own sandwich bag and would end up chucking the contents away out of paranoia…

  4. Well, if the sandwich bag is INSIDE one’s lunch bag it seems unlikely that a potential thief would throw it away since they’d then have thrown away something that was enclosed in something else.

    It seems like the only answer these days is using a decoy sandwich with something sickening or really hot inside it so the perpetrator can be busted.

  5. @SEKINO Indeed you should. When I started working at my current employ I bought a weeks worth of sandwhich making stuff, really good turkey and cheese and stuff. I put it in the fridge and went back 2 days later to make my first sandwhich and someone had eaten ALL OF IT!

    The solution was a minifridge by my desk.

  6. #2: Yeah, and (at least where I work) I suspect more people would be prone to throwing out a sandwich in this bag than would have been prone to stealing one in a plain bag. So maybe more negative effect than just “a wash”.

    Also, a nasty-looking bag doesn’t exactly improve my own lunch experience, you know? I could also prevent theft by bringing really unappetizing food, putting razor wire around my home’s windows, and preemptively ripping out my car’s CD player, but life’s more pleasant that I don’t.

  7. i hate walking around the office wondering wich one of these fucks ate my sanwich so i think it always comes down to managment or the people from the office below us, i like to pin shit on people i already hate, it makes my life easyer

  8. This really only works as a deterrent the one time, doesn’t it? Unless you eat secretly someone will see the fake bag, or you eating the sandwich. At which point you have to cop to it being a fake bag, or let everyone believe you are a freak that likes eating moldy-bread sandwiches.

  9. if you find your sandwich in said bag in the trash, then you know the thief dug into your paper bag to look at it. you can then dust the plastic bag for fingerprints.

  10. When I was in film school, I used to write ‘Science Experiment’ on my milk carton. That always seemed to work.

  11. Once worked with an unknown thief who often took the leftover beer out of the frig on Friday; this was disappointing to the guys that worked overtime Saturday. Anyway the old boy I worked with passed away. Two of us deliver his tools to his wife. After unloading his stuff, she asks us if we would like some beer, adding, take all you want we never drink the stuff. Opening the garage frig revealed about three cases of various imports, we were a German company.

  12. Using ground, raw, habanero peppers can have a nice long-term deterrent effect, and a high entertainment value.

    I stayed a couple of months at a campsite/hostel where fridge looting was very pronounced. A fellow camper began leaving booby trapped food in the fridges. Every day or two, we’d run into him, and he would share his latest victory – someone ate the Nutella with sand, or drank the milk with urine.

    Any long-term deterrent effect was only to benefit someone else though, as most of the people staying there were only in for a few nights before moving on to the next city.

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