Speed Racer Service Stations in Japan


Mach GoGoGo is no mere gas station, as it seems that you can purchase a used car from Trixie and have your bumper resprayed by ChimChim as you enjoy lunch in the cafe. I hope Pops is on the griddle! Having no brand loyalty to any gas station, I must admit, I would be willing to pay an extra nickel a gallon to have a Speed Racer fill-up.


Mach 5 marketing is nothing new in Japan, as it seems Japanese consumers have been wooed by Speed Racer for some time, although Maruzen Oil's commercial seems to be inspired by, if not sanctioned by, Speed Racer.

Mach GoGoGo Service Stations (via Japanese Nostalgic Car blog)
Mach 5 Race Team


  1. Aha! Now I will know where to go to get my car refueled and washed and! Ah! Also, where to get my next car from when I am in Japan! Ha ha! Yes, this is the very best gas station in all of Japan and I will always go there when I need to get new gas for my automobile! Oho! I am so excited about Mach GoGoGo super awesome gas and car selling that I must hop from one foot to the other, even as my entire body above the waist remains perfectly still! Ah!

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