Palin's Yahoo email account hacked, contents posted to Wikileaks

Washington Post reports that Sarah Palin's email account was hacked and her emails posted online.
A group of computer hackers said yesterday they accessed a Yahoo! e-mail account of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, publishing some of her private communications to expose what appeared to be her use of a personal account for government business.

The hackers posted what they said were personal photos, the contents of several messages, the subject lines of dozens of e-mails and Palin's e-mail contact list on a site called That site claimed that it received the electronic files from a group identifying itself only as "Anonymous."


Rick Davis, the campaign manager for Sen. John McCain, issued a statement Wednesday afternoon condemning the incident.

"This is a shocking invasion of the Governor's privacy and a violation of law," Davis said. "The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them. We will have no further comment."

Palin's Yahoo! Account Hacked


  1. Haha, Anonymous’ doing I see. Any brave soul care to go into 4chan’s /b/ board and see what was said over there? (Only the most brave, however.)

    You have a < missing from the link, though. It should be < a href= >. Sorry to nitpick. Oh, and their server’s down, too.

    Palin needed to reveal those emails, though that was an invasion of privacy. Also goes to show that Yahoo! accounts aren’t safe.

  2. I don’t think its up to us to out this information.
    If she’s being investigated then i’m sure that any wrong doing would come to light anyways.

    except, oh yeah, she’s not going to cooperate with the investigation.

    i guess i won’t feel too sorry for her.

  3. Wikileaks seems to have disappeared? I can’t find a single mirror listed on wikipedia that works, and the IP address ( given last time this happened doesn’t seem to work either? It’s FNORD the conspiracy!

  4. RE: “Also goes to show that Yahoo! accounts aren’t safe.”

    This has nothing to do with Yahoo. This has everything to do with using your zip code (which is on public record) as the answer to the security question.

    Calling this a hack is stretching the truth. If the biggest line of defense in your e-mail security amounts to “IS THE SKY BLUE YES/NO” then, well…

  5. From the blog post…
    “This is a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law,” Davis said. “The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them. We will have no further comment.”

    (The “appropriate authorities” in this case include AT LEAST the FBI and Secret Service (and probably a half dozen other alphabet organizations…)

    Why hasn’t law enforcement responded like this to the daily hacking and misappropriation of “ordinary” users’ accounts? Guess one needs to be a politician very much in the public eye to get any response, eh?

    (BTW, this is yet another example of why one does NOT put confidential government information in private accounts on very public free-email servers. Not only is it generally unlawful to do this for a number of archival reasons, but it exposes the information to this sort of unexpected exposure.)

    I certainly hope whoever got into the account downloaded much more than has been so far exposed, AND that they remain anonymous and well hidden. Good luck, citizen!

  6. Everybody in the world is hittin’ Sarah today. I was so disappointed that there were no e-mails to the ‘First Dude’ with an up-the-skirt pic attached.

  7. If she’s done nothing wrong in her personal e-mail account, she’s got nothing to fear, right?

    I mean if this were Palin as VP breaking into the e-mail of Joe Citizen, we wouldn’t be having this conversation!

  8. Here’s to hoping the ‘hacker’ (i.e. probably a regular person with luck guessing passwords) was bright enough to copy everything. So far, I’ve only seen a few screenshots. Where’s the real data?

  9. I’m sorry, but this is too funny. She does want to use official channels for some reason… so she used a Yahoo account? And used her ZIP code as the password? Deserves to be hacked.

  10. I’m surprised and impressed to see everyone here defending Palin’s right to privacy, even if they don’t agree with her politics.

    Oh, wait…

  11. “…and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them.”

    Particularly the authors and recipients (assuming they’re still using the same obstructionist playbook.)

    Palin has also “declined to participate” in an ongoing investigation. As is her staff, citing loyalty to Palin while refusing subpoena’s.

    And think, just a few short months ago she didn’t know what the VP did. She really is a quick study.

  12. Looks like some folks are going to get their lulz at the mercy of the US government in the back of the Party Van tonight.

  13. It does not say much for Palin’s judgement that she used a non-secure venue for not only personal but CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT-BUSINESS email.

    If she left the door of the Governor’s mansion unlocked and someone stole her computer, we’d be calling for the police to investigate for sure… but we’d also be rightfully criticizing her for not following elementary security procedures.

  14. Unfortunately, for the citizens of the US, this incident truly shows how abysmally ignorant this person is. She has become an embarrassment to John McCain, personally. It calls into question his personal/professional judgment and the judgment of his staff in the choosing of this person as VP candidate. It embarrasses the GOP as a whole and the people in the party that support this person. It reveals in Sarah Palin a cavalier attitude towards her public responsibility and her ability to lead and be trusted by those that support her. In an instant of her poor judgment, she has become an albatross -no, a concrete block- around the necks of the GOP and McCain. Here’s looking to 2016.

  15. Here’s a better link to a pastebin page that goes over the chronology of what happened and how:

    (link thanks to

    The link above makes it out to be more of a politically-motivated hack, but based on the chronology of the events, /b/ did it for the lulz and then posted the password online.

    1. Isn’t she supposed to be the young, hip, savvy one who’s going to make up for her running mate’s knowledge deficits in the area of post-coal-burning technology? Yahoo? Of course, it could have been AOL.

  16. Yeah, folks here are a bunch of privacy heroes.

    She wants rapists babies to be born. Turnabout is ALWAYS fair play.

  17. I checked out 4chan (yes, I know…) and they’re claiming they didn’t do it. I can actually believe them on that one, since they seem to be better at raiding Habbo Hotel than anything else. Of course, pics can be deleted, and lies can be said, (and I’ve seen them post info on different people’s emails and myspace accounts) so you never know. They keep blaming ebaumsworld, actually, which is funny on so many levels.

    Any more info on this? I hope the evidence wasn’t tampered with too much.

  18. “If she’s done nothing wrong in her personal e-mail account, she’s got nothing to fear, right?”

    Isn’t that the logic the government uses to invade my privacy with?

  19. @18:

    > Unfortunately, for the citizens of the US, this incident truly shows how abysmally ignorant this person is.

    She is rationally ignorant – for the most part, I can get away without knowing the proper gapping of the sparkplugs in my truck, you can get away without knowing the details of 17 USC 109 (quick question: what aspects of the design of boat hulls are copyrightable?), my mom can get away with not knowing the difference between a router and a switch, etc.

    Occassionally we lose out on these bets, but the vast majority of the time, we win.

    Calling Palin ignorant because she’s not up on proper password picking makes as much sense as calling John Kerry ignorant because he doesn’t know how to operate a wood lathe (speaking for myself, I’ve used a wood lathe a lot more times than I’ve had to pick high security passwords).

    1. TJIC,

      She used a private e-mail address for government business so that her e-mails wouldn’t be discoverable. Then she picked the stupidest password that she could have come up with. If this were 1943, she’d be investigated for treason. You don’t have a problem with a vice-president who doesn’t understand the concept of a secure password? Are you hoping for Armageddon?

  20. A brief scan of the leaked screenshots don’t show any correspondence that isn’t arguably strictly personal. Having said that, it is a little suspicious that both of the accounts appear to now have been closed (deleted?). Do we have any positive proof that they’ve been closed (i.e. is a returned message enough proof)?

    Still, I’d guess this data is still available for subpoena, and this might attract enough attention and cast enough doubt to warrant more comprehensive legal action.

    I wonder how long Yahoo keeps their mailbox backups for…

  21. To hell with her “right to privacy”. She has evaded every legal attempt at disclosure, even deleting archived government documents stored under questionably legal means on another Yahoo! account.

    Governmental communications are not “private”, though they may be deemed “sensitive” if dealing with security matters.

  22. @13: I was just about to post how I feel bad for her despite disagreeing with most of her politics. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to attack her (or any politician), but this is clearly personal, not politics. From what I’ve read, this wasn’t even the account she used for those communications she wanted to hide from subpoena, so the vigilante justice angle is BS. This is just plain mean.

  23. @26:

    > She has evaded every legal attempt at disclosure, even deleting archived government documents stored under questionably legal means on another Yahoo! account.

    Evidence for that, please?

    > To hell with her “right to privacy”.

    So since Hillary Clinton hid files during the Whitewater investigation, do I have the moral right to read her personal email? There might be something in there about sabotaging Obama and running in 2012, so we have a right to know, yes?

  24. Every elected official in America does there political business on a private email account, some of which has governmental subjects, get a clue.

  25. the invasion of privacy argument is completely, 100% irrelevant.
    mrs. palin decided to consolidate her personal dealings and the dealings she did on the taxpayer dime. it should be pointed out that this is against the law, and that the law is there for her protection. this is more aggressive than your typical whistleblower, but hews to the same moral and civic values as, say, thoreau.
    her privacy was a casualty of her choice not to adhere to the law intended to protect herself, her family, and the citizenry.

  26. A brief scan of the leaked screenshots don’t show any correspondence that isn’t arguably strictly personal.

    Not accurate. The dump of the e-mail titles indicated “Personnel” matters, “Crow Tribe” coal contract matters, and several other state business issues. Some were labled OFFICIAL in the titles.

    The e-mail address was my favorite.

    I suspect the screen shots of those messages are being kept dry, like good powder should be kept.

  27. Is this the same crowd that cries “invasion of privacy” in the case of warrantless wiretaps?

    The horror!

  28. @23 Ragehol.

    I think you have by far laid out the most rational and relevant argument about this entire matter. The only thing that I would add, is that she chose not to adhere to the law because of her fear that these documents would be made public because of a subpoena.

    The subpoena may have been more damaging, it may not have. A ‘hacking’ attempt does draw a lot more attention, however a great deal of people will say exactly what is being said. “Oh but her privacy, her privacy!” If the information had come to light through a subpoena there would have been a lot less publicity, but no one would question the right to view the information. Which of course the public has the right.

    Also does anyone have any sources that prove the ‘zipcode’ hacking method? I understand that was probably not her actual password but the ‘Forgot your password’ secret question or something along those lines. If it is true then it really does point out her absolute ignorance on matters of security, although arguably that is proven by her use of a Yahoo! account in the first place.

    In closing, the woman scares me. If the Republican Party win this election I’m moving planet. (not from USA)

  29. @21

    Yeah, well, any research on 4chan shows that they pretty much put the blame on eBaumsworld for their own actions pretty much all of the time. If you see a /b/-tard blame eBaums for something, it’s code for basically owning up to it.

    So basically they were saying “Yeah, we hacked her” in their own particular /b/-tard language.

  30. I am fearing the worst – that the amateur(s) just took screenshots as proof of ability, and really didn’t keep anything of value. It gave the Palin camp a perfect excuse to delete all of the data.

    However, as the pastebin chronology suggests, via the Washington Post, this would be destruction of evidence.

  31. I really can’t give a shit when the government has decided that they go through anybody’s electronic stuff without any oversight what so ever.

    I’d like to be able to express some outrage, but all I can manage is a meh, and welcome to the world as you have helped create.

  32. @23 TJIC, Palin is not only abysmally ignorant, she -and her staff, cohorts, sycophants, etc., are borderline criminals to think -not only think but to actually conspire amongst themselves via e-mail exchange- that they could circumvent the law and accountability by using private (YAHOO!, private!, LMAO!) email to limit their ‘exposure’ to discoverability. To pick an e-mail service such as YAHOO! to conduct taxpayer funded business communication deserves the pillory at the least.

  33. Finally managed to download the information from Wikileaks. Anyone that is struggling try this link

    It was posted above. It took me a few tries but eventually the alternate location of the zip file worked.

    All in all, very disappointed not much juicy stuff there and the .txt files could have been made/edited by anyone. Perhaps she had some sense after the press started criticising her for using personal accounts and deleted anything too juicy before it came to light.


    She freaked me out before this, now i just pity her for establishing her and her running mate as the Clueless Party. How hard is it to move to Canada?

  35. Is this the same crowd that cries “invasion of privacy” in the case of warrantless wiretaps?

    Civilians merit privacy. Public figures (or people aspiring to be such) don’t. They belong to the civilians. In theory they are our servants, not our masters.

  36. @45,“In theory they are our servants, not our masters.”
    There is no ‘theory’ involved, JB. The Constitution was penned to insure that they serve the people.

  37. If there’s one thing I’m impressed by, it’s that the mods of the *chans aren’t playing along. They’re deleting this stuff when it comes up and squashing what would probably turn into an old /i/ style invasion of Palin’s life. And the only time I’ve ever approved of one of those was Hal Turner.

    And yeah, if you ever see a 4channer blaming Ebaums for something, that’s doubletalk for “Yeah, we did it.” It stems from the old feud with Ebaums over Ebaums watermarking every image macro it came across, fooling a lot of people into thinking it was the source of a lot of the memes and such. “It was Ebaums” is a play on that and a plausible excuse (since Ebaums claims credit anyway).

    I have to say, when I saw that the account she was using was a Yahoo account, I facepalmed.

  38. @#39

    My thoughts exactly. If she hadn’t already deleted everything that may have been incriminating, I’m sure she’s done so now. However, if the authorities were to perform an investigation, I’m hoping they would be using data from Yahoo’s backup servers. If they can get access to that information, and there are incriminating email exchanges there, I’ll be quite a happy man.

  39. I love this part ” . . . and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them.” These aren’t actual physical things, these are e-mails, electrons, prone to being copied near and far and never going away. ever.

    One would hope anyone with an understanding of technology would get that. So either they Don’t get that, or they’re playing “oh poor me” for their power base.

  40. “we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them.”

    Which, actually, would in all likelihood be destruction of evidence in an ongoing investigation.

  41. @#21 niconiconico

    I really hope you’re from 4chan and just trolling us, because otherwise it’s quite funny that they fooled you with the whole “ebaums did it” thing. They say that to everything, that’s the point, that’s what people say on raid’s instead of mentioning /b/.

    I think you know that though and you’ve just trolled me nicely.

  42. Damn, why did the original hacker make it public before getting all the information backed up? There’s a mess of stuff in here I’d kill to see. “Nizich, Michael A (GOV) FW: CONFIDENTIAL Ethics Matter”, “Draft letter to Governor Schwarzenegger / Container Tax”… some good stuff, all lost forever.

  43. Calling Palin ignorant because she’s not up on proper password picking makes as much sense as calling John Kerry ignorant because he doesn’t know how to operate a wood lathe

    1. Yes, that would be ignorant of Kerry if operating a wood lathe was an important part of his job.
    2. It would be bordering on criminally reckless if opearting a wood lathe was not only an important part of the job, but also so simple that a 12-year old can do it.

    But the most important point is:
    3. If she’s not familiar with securing email, she should leave it to the system administrators the state of Alaska hires to keep email communications safe. She chose not to do this. Why?

  44. Maybe I’m paranoid, but could this be a set up?

    Really, what was discovered that could damage the campaign? How much you want to bet that the “invasion of privacy” claim will be followed by the screen shot of the baby picture and family photo.

    Seems like this feeds into the narrative that Palin’s private life is under attack.

    Just a whacked out theory, so I could be wrong.

  45. Oh I love this. Though I feel that it was extremely disappointing to find info that way, I think the leak is wonderful.

  46. I was perusing /b/ sometime in the last couple of days, and I remember someone mentioning that Palin had a Yahoo mail account, and that it should be hacked. My money’s on the /b/tards.

  47. You gotta love the non-irony in Davis’ pathetic little whine.

    Ironically, the rules regarding email usage by elected officials were originally put into place to *prevent* incidents like this. I think the McP reactionaries would get more play from their ‘no fair’ whining if the found emails were only personal. But, alas, that’s not the case here.

    While this is certainly edifying, I have always wished for somebody to do the same with email.

  48. The real invasion of privacy is The Governor From Nowhere posting confidential state documents where pretty much anyone could get to them, including the ‘First Dude’. What would you expect from someone who says they were ‘prayed into office’ by an African witch-hunter. Must read to believe. Stop by.

  49. RRSAFETY@29: “Every elected official in America does there political business on a private email account, some of which has governmental subjects, get a clue.” [sic]

    That’s too big of a generalization to be of any use. I’d like to see you prove that statement. Just because Cheney / Rove did that, and other Republicans have followed suit doesn’t mean all elected officials in the US have. In any case, it doesn’t make it acceptable.

    SIMON LEFAUX@56: I’ll second that notion. Gawker has shots of the kids. All part of the “she’s such a normal mom / victim” card they’re playing to the hilt.

    Meanwhile, on NPR today:

    Alaska GOP Tries To Stall Trooper Probe

    All Things Considered, September 17, 2008

    Not so long ago, there was bipartisan agreement on an investigation into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s dismissal of the state’s top public safety officer. Now, that bipartisanship has gone and Republicans have called the investigation tainted and moved to block it.

  50. Really, what was discovered that could damage the campaign? How much you want to bet that the “invasion of privacy” claim will be followed by the screen shot of the baby picture and family photo.

    That is kind of an interesting theory. Imagine that Palin purged her e-mail of anything incriminating (assuming there was anything to begin with). Then, either a friendly person posted the data, or she changed her password to something asinine like “Palin” so that it would be sure to be hacked. The e-mail goes up and… nothing. Some minor government business perhaps, but none of the nefarious accusations turn up. On top of that, she has some real cute pictures of her kids and some spam e-mail chain mails about loving Jesus of whatever. The new agencies dig into it and find nothing other than some cute family photos. This 1) disarms the corruption accusations and 2) makes her to be a victim of the 3vil liberal hackers 3) reinforces the motherly “I understand you” imagine.

    Eh, I have no evidence, but it does make an interesting thought experiment. I really wouldn’t put it past that demon prince that McCain apparently summoned to run his campaign. McCain’s campaign adviser is an amazingly skilled and utterly evil bastard who defiles virgins with a baseball bat when he is bored, eats baby legs (with the baby still attached and kicking) for dinner, and drinks the blood of puppies in front of small children for desert. You have to be horrified at what a dirty campaign he runs, but in the same stroke you have to be totally awed by its ruthless effectiveness and absolute genius.

  51. RINDAN@67: “McCain’s campaign adviser is… etc.” Citation please (kidding.)

    The place I saw this story break first on Google News was from Fox (Faux) News, infamously known as the Ministry of Information (Dispersal.) This lends a lot of credence to this possibility in my mind.

  52. “She wants rapists babies to be born. Turnabout is ALWAYS fair play. “

    …S fr, tht’s th nly thng ‘v fnd ngtv bt hr. Sh’s hll f lt mr stbl thn th fml Mr. Clntn wld hv bn, r th ml Mr. Clntn wll *vr* b.

    …But the hacked account *does* at least explain why I got some really good nudes of Sarah this morning in e-mail And those breasts weren’t even airbrushed either :-)

  53. OM@72: “She’s a hell of a lot more stable than the female Mr. Clinton would have been, or the male Mr. Clinton will *ever* be.”

    There is stability in pure, unadulterated evil.

  54. One of the 4chan screenshots on Gawker seems to indicate that there was no systematic attempt to retrieve the contents of the account; if that’s the case, it’s doubtful that the /b/tards actually accomplished anything beyond panicking Palin’s people into deleting the account altogether–which, if that ends up being prosecuted as destruction of evidence in the Troopergate investigation, may be enough.

  55. So- WikiLeaks seems to have disappeared! I cannot for the life of me link to it. The Google cache of it is missing as well.

  56. I’ve had a little think about this whole debacle over my lunch break came to an interesting theory.

    Everyone that dislikes this evil bitch was really hoping that some juicy information would come out of it correct?

    Now if I was going to hack into Ms. Palin’s account I’d be 100% sure they’d be using every tool at their disposal to track me down, then hang and quarter me in front of a crowd to make an example of it. My next thought would be, how can I stop them hanging and quartering me if they do catch me. Which would promptly be followed by how can I blackmail the shit out of the evil bitch and get some money. Then the whole thing makes sense.

    1- Hack account, download everything.
    2- Upload juicy stuff to about 500 encrypted, secure locations that only me and my hacker buddies are aware of.
    3- Publicly release boring stuff to prove you’ve hacked it.
    4- Contact Palin with instructions that you will be paid money or that all the juicy stuff would be on the front of every major newspaper globally utterly ruining her chances of being elected and completely destroying the Republican campaign.

    I hope I’m wrong about the last step, and instead the final step is.

    4- Release documents a week before the election so people have time to get over the “but her privacy! her privacy!” bullshit and instead focus on the “oh my god this woman is a lying psychopath and deserves to rot in hell, not run our Country”

  57. A False Flag(ged for deletion)Op wouldn’t be that hard to pull off.


  58. Very intersting, Itsumishi!

    I also think we are going to start seeing fake emails gifs being touted as “the other emails” swiped from Palin’s account.

  59. Isn’t this the sort of thing many were saying Bush was going to be doing to us if we re-elected him? Hrm… I guess now we know who the real enemy of privacy is. Anyone care to dig into the political affiliations of “anonymous”.

  60. @sonofkevitivity, it’s already done on international scale. Look up Echelon…
    BTW, anonymous is a group of people coming from all layers of the society (I’m not a member of it), and they all have different views on politics.

  61. Where I work, using Yahoo / gmail / Hotmail or whatever for work-related matters is a disciplinary offence. We don’t own it so we can’t trust it. Who’s going to slap this user’s wrist?

    Using public mail services + your zipcode as password = dumb as a bag of hammers.

  62. I’m nearly 100% certain this is some kind of setup.

    I don’t believe that the full force of 4chan has been unleashed at a private/gov email account and the only stuff that comes up is exactly the stuff that would drive republicans mad+patriotic AND make it impossible to see any sense in it (as in – does not reveal the juicy details we have been waiting for).

    I mean come on – you hack a VP candidates email address, have the choice to look into the emails and all you come up with is some stupid family photos?

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

    As for the moral discussion:
    I don’t think there is much left to argue for her morally. Having said that she would go all-the-way and do anything she can with people “trying to hurt America” puts her at loss here, in my opinion. Once you open the “break the law to punish the devil” can, you have to face the “when the devil meets you, where do you run for protection?” problem.

    Adding to that, I’m convinced that politicians do have a different status than everybody else. If you put yourself into that position, you have to deal with the scrutiny. In a better world where we have a functioning democracy, all politicians display EVERYTHING they do (in terms of politics, not private matter) to the public.

    After all thats what they are here for – being extensions and culminations of the people they represent.

  63. I’m with Kleer and others; this whole thing smells like a hoax or a setup to make it look like she is the victim of a vast left-wing conspiracy. The timing of this also coincides with an email saying that the Biden is going to drop out of the election and Hillary is going to step in (no doubt a Dem October Surprise). No, this hacking event seems to contrived.
    Though I could be wrong…

  64. @87 Oh come on! She has to be smarter than that. She can ask for the nuclear codes to be the same as her ZIP Code.

  65. @Sonofkevitivity #81
    Anyone care to dig into the political affiliations of “anonymous”.

    It’s my understanding that they’re Pro-Mudkip.

  66. @25: “it is a little suspicious that both of the accounts appear to now have been closed (deleted?).”

    After getting hacked, this is suspicious?

  67. @32
    > the invasion of privacy argument is completely, 100% irrelevant.mrs. palin decided to consolidate her personal dealings and the dealings she did on the taxpayer dime.

    I’m stil lwaiting for evidence of that; repeated assertions != evidence.

    > it should be pointed out that this is against the law

    A pointer to the law, please?

    I’m quite serious – I understand open meetings laws … but I’d like to read what the cutoff is. Is Obama allowed to send an email to his wife on his personal account saying “There’s a vote in the Senate on foreign aid to Zimbabwe and I’m thinking about voting no” ? Is he allowed to send the same email to another senator? Is he allowed to send a request for another senator’s thoughts on the vote via personal email?

    Until someone points to the actual law AND points to what it was that Palin sent, you’re getting ahead of yourself.

    > her privacy was a casualty of her choice

    And because Palin sent emails about her work from a personal account, you support extra judicial punishment like publishing PERSONAL FAMILY PHOTOS on the Internet?

    If I have good evidence that you smoked pot (breaking a law) or drove 75 in a 55 zone, do you support my right to enter your house, take pictures of everything in your closet and sock drawer, and post those to the internet? Would that be “a casualty of your choice” ?

  68. I’m kind of amazed at all of the people who are calling hypocrisy in terms of the privacy angle…

    It’s not hypocrisy – it’s ironic schadenfreude. Just when politicians who decry homosexuality get caught in homosexual trysts. — If the government thinks personal privacy isn’t important, why are they so up in arms when their own is compromised?

  69. This close to the election, wouldn’t she be under Secret Service protection? Don’t they have an “Electronic Crimes Task Force” and wouldn’t they try to protect her from such simple attacks?

  70. >Anyone care to dig into the political affiliations of “anonymous”.

    Racist, childish Internet douchebags.

    There is no political motivation behind this. There is no ulterior motive. There’s just the lulz of a Vice Presidential Candidate using her zip code as the security answer for a Yahoo account she used for official government mail.

    This shitstorm going around right now? That’s all Anonymous ever wants. That’s why there wasn’t a concerted effort to grab the emails before the account was shut down – the point is to spread the news and let everyone play, not to dig up dirt on Palin.

  71. @93 I don’t have much time this morning, but I did find a Colorado case that discusses these kinds of boundaries:

    ‘Under the statute, “public records” include “writings made, maintained or kept . . . [by the government] . . . for use in the exercise of functions required or authorized by law or administrative rule or involving the receipt or expenditure of public funds.”’

  72. FYI, as I understand it, shortly after the first screenshots were posted to /b/, a palin-supporter /b/tard changed the password on the account to block others from accessing it, and then emailed Palin to inform her of the leak. This is why so little information was acquired, and why the accounts were deleted so quickly.

  73. regarding warrant-less wiretapping and how much we hate it….and I know …it IS ironic that we love that she’s been personally violated, when we are so fond of our own privacy.


    maybe if more people in the big house on the hill get pillaged like this they’ll start to understand what privacy really means to their boss, the citizens.

    turnabout is fair play.

  74. I’m of mixed feelings about this. I think personal lives don’t belong in the public domain even for politicians, but this woman purposely went out of her way to mix her public life with her private one for the explicit purpose of avoiding legal scrutiny.

  75. @92

    I don’t think this was a mind-bendingly difficult or devious “hack”. If it were, people would be blaming Yahoo for having poor security– a claim that Yahoo would no doubt refute enthusiastically. It seems to me that the most likely scenario (as others have guessed) is that Palin either used some embarrasingly easy password recovery questions or used a pathetically weak (i.e. easily guessed) password.

    Does it really make sense to delete everything and close the account just because security was compromised once? Should Yahoo then shut down their entire operation and wipe their drives since it was compromised in this way? If these are personal accounts with nothing suspicious, why didn’t she just learn her lesson and use proper password/authentication security?

    On an unrelated note, upon further review, the subject lines quoted here are certainly a bit shady. Unfortunately I don’t think subject lines alone are going to be incriminating enough. As others have mentioned, hopefully the full text of these emails still exists somewhere, and are brought to light– preferably by subpoena.

  76. Government officers are held to a higher standard of behaviour and conduct. The fact that she used – in violation of the law – a private email account to sidestep transparency requirements /illegally/ – makes the entire contents of her “private” email account the business of the public she pretends to serve.

    Equity serves those with clean hands. Her hands are dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty and so is her email account.

  77. TJIC:

    An article discussing her staff’s refusal to comply with warrants.

    More of the same, with her appointed crony backing it.

    All you have to do is a simple Google search of Palin “evidence” or “subpoena” and you’ll get tons of information.

    Meanwhile H.R.Clinton was not an elected official during Whitewater, nor were the documents you’re referring to government property (hence public property).

    You’re using specious reasoning to compare two dissimilar events, a tactic which only works on so-called “conservatives” (so conservative they have run us into record debts and shit on the constitution) because by and large they are sub-literate morons or outright liars.

  78. Lol…There are various sub-groups that call themselves Anonymous. Saying ‘Anonymous’ claimed responsibility is pretty much the same as saying ‘certain people who declined to be identified’ claimed responsibility.

    #21: And I’m not saying 4chan is responsible but their actual MO is to blame ebaumsworld for everything.

    You can’t really say 4chan or PN or Anonymous is specifically responsible for this stuff, because pretty much any teenager who likes funny pictures of cats will call themselves ‘Anonymous’. Its more of an idea. There is rarely rhyme or reason for many of these Anonymous actions but sometimes there is with things like ‘Project Chanology’ or perhaps this which some are saying was possibly politically motivated. Checking out or posting caturday pics on an imageboard doesn’t truly make you a fully-fledged member of some secret society.

  79. I once hacked my (now-ex) girlfriends Yahoo mail.

    I still feel terrible about having done it, really really not cool to invade someones personal space.

    Turns out she was, in fact, sleeping with at least 2 other people, who also thought they were exclusive. I sent them each others messages (and mine) from her account.

    I’m glad that I trusted my gut, taught someone a lesson, and got out clean.

    Anonymous is dead! Long live Anonymous!

  80. Looks like she took a page from the Bush administration’s playbook–use a personal email account to avoid the archiving of the emails as official government documentation (since all work correspondence belongs to the employer). Using a personal email account for this purpose (as an employee of the state or country) is ILLEGAL and she (and the Bush administration, who did it for years) should be prosecuted.

  81. Various news sources are starting to report that it was the 20 year old son of a Democrat politician that hacked Palin’s private email. You all know that had Obama’s email been hacked by a Republican, it would be Watergate all over again…

  82. Well, there goes that theory.

    Still, if Saint Sarah has shown anything, it’s that parents shouldn’t be blamed or judged for the actions of their children. So it shouldn’t matter if this kids Dad is a Dem.

  83. I agree– don’t blame the parent, rather convict his adult son of a felony or three, including a nice federal prison sentence and permanent loss of his voting rights.

    And by the way, the latest article confirms that “popcorn” was not Palin’s original email password, but was instead the password the ‘hacker’ selected after using Yahoo’s password recovery tool to take over the account.

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