Quincy "punk episode"


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  1. OM says:

    …Say what you want about the anti-punk rhetoric, the fact remains that Quincy, M.E. still makes all of today’s CSI shows look like amateur crap. Quincy made forensics fun!

  2. barryfandango says:

    _How_ do I reach these keeeds?!

  3. WaitWhat says:

    “We’re just your lousy escape goats!”

  4. millionpoems says:

    So THAT’s what the Spoon song is about.

  5. drivenbyboredom says:

    The Quincy Punx covered Pain. Wish I could find that..

  6. FloydT says:

    A very special episode of Quincy.

  7. KryspyJo says:

    There’s a punk episode for Don Rickles old show, CPO Sharkey AND it featured The Dickies!


  8. valis says:

    The phrase Quincy punks grew to be a term of disdain for kids who got into the scene after watching shows like this. One of the Twin Cities greatest bands took up the insult as their name, the Quincy Punx.

  9. adamnvillani says:

    Whoa, that is one of the Darryls. Freaky.

  10. jccalhoun says:

    They must have watched Dragnet’s “Blue Boy” episode about LSD when they were writing this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYsfvoIQ9ok

  11. Big Ed Dunkel says:

    That looked like Animal playing the skins onstage.

  12. bsatow says:

    Quote: “..clownish make-up, respond with sarcasm, socio-political rhetoric, and snot-nosed apathy…”

    Yes, but what makes it funny to me, is not that the episode is simplistic and exaggerated, but it’s all seemingly true!

  13. nickss says:

    I remember this from the excellent DeeJay Punk Roc track “I hate everybody” nice to put pictures to words


  14. dwdyer says:

    I remember this episode.

    And I remember Sosumi’s CHiPS episode.

    If you’ll pardon me, I’m gonna go hang my head in shame.

    And while I’m gone, would you people PLEASE get offa my lawn?

  15. gene says:


    Yeah, in the 80s I hardly knew anyone who was “punk,” but knew tons of people into hardcore. In the scene I was in there wasn’t a lot of crossover. H/C kids called pretty much anyone who looked punk “Quincy Punks” up until Green Day and Hot Topic hit the scene.

  16. sosumi says:

    The best comparison can be drawn to the C.H.I.P.S. episode referenced above, except the band wasn’t “HATE” it was “PAIN.”



    “I dig pain, in my brain”

    Snow Pink’s rescue is in the clip. What’s missing is the ending where Ponch takes the stage in a sequined and unbuttoned blouse, treating the punk rock crowd to his version of “Celebration.”

    And they love it.

  17. 5000! says:

    Here’s a clip from the CHiPs punk episode:


    The band was called “Pain,” not “Hate.” Googling it turns up this episode description:


  18. jayjay13 says:

    Classic cast in this one! One of the ‘Darryls’ from Newhart (curly-haired guy), ‘Putzie’ from Grease (the guy who turns around at the end of the clip, clearly about to go see Quincy), and best of all –’Abigail’ the kidnapped ‘punk’ played by Melora Hardin (Jan, The Office)!

    LOVE seeing random shit like this! Like a mini episode of ‘Before They Were Stars’…although in this case ‘Stars’ wouldn’t quite fit. More like, ‘Before They Were Recognizable’.

  19. ill lich says:

    Yes, that’s right, “PAIN”, my brain disremembers it well. I remember thinking the name was supposed to be a ripoff of FEAR.

    And they weren’t very hardcore were they, at that tempo (jeez, practically a blues band).

  20. Anonymous says:

    Recall the relatively recent Columbo episode “Columbo Likes the Nightlife”: Columbo investigates a murder associated with a ‘Rave club’.

  21. nigelfootpowder says:

    I have that guitar! yay danelectro!

    and I’m glad that the punk kids were nice and respectful and let Quincy say his peace(piece? I don’t know what this phrase means)

  22. Keeper of the Lantern says:

    Don’t forget Crocodile Dundee 2 where he gets a ‘gang’ of punks to go on a suicidal mission against Columbian organized crime because they’d be known as ‘the coolest gang in town’.

  23. franko says:

    ahh, back before they realized that the gothy look was a separate thing altogether.

  24. sonny p fontaine says:

    i don’t even have to watch this. the entire episode is burned into my memory from the first time it aired. music indeed.

  25. Editz says:

    In the future, Buck Rogers performs a similar mission to save young people from the influence of bad music.

    “The manager of a rock group uses their music in a plot to exert mind-control over the youth of all civilized worlds.”


  26. awk says:

    Do any of you remember the classic Vancouver Punk band SNFU’s 7 inch “Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy”? I haven’t heard the term “quincy” or quincy punk” for years but this article has re-invigorated my middle-aged angst and disdain for vapid little quincy punks like Fallout Boy and Good Charlotte.

    Link to Album and mp3s :

  27. Ugly Canuck says:

    I really like to say the word ‘Quincy’.
    Quincy quincy quincy….

  28. minamisan says:

    thanks, i’d forgotten how utterly lame that 90210 Rave Episode was too. if i recall it was supposed to be some wild underground party they had to jump through several hoops to get to… and it looked like any city club. at least the Quincy makers attempted to seem authentic, despite their failure.

  29. afroblanco says:

    You know, that band in the clip…. They’re actually pretty good! I wonder if they were a real band, independent of Quincy.

  30. Cowicide says:

    Are there not any other hardcore punkers from the 80′s here on Boing Boing?!!! No one else remembered this?!! What the fuck?

    TV Party tonight!!!

    Black Flag video (especially note the “Quincy part”)


  31. sonny p fontaine says:

    i’d rather forget Crocodile Dundee 2, thank you very much…

  32. anthony says:

    Besides, man…Who the hell cares?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Gawd, I remember this episode. It was actually the first time that I thought Quincy got it wrong. I listened to punk and hardcore, and thought that Quincy’s buck-the-system-to-get-the-job-done ethic meshed with my own values. But this episode painted such a twisted view of the whole music scene, that I lost some respect. I always believed this episode was the reason the “Quincy!” shout-out on Black Flag’s “TV Party” was dropped when they re-recorded it.

  34. isaacb2 says:

    You can tell at the end of the clip that Captain Kirk’s son knows something.

  35. ill lich says:

    There was a similarly “punk” episode of C.H.I.P.s too, where Ponch and John befriend the good new wave band (“Snow Pink”, apparently a reference to Blondie) and try to arrest the bad hardcore band called “HATE.”

    • Anonymous says:

      …the band was actually called “PAIN” …and they didn’t hold a candle to the mighty “MAYHEM” of Quincy md.

  36. themindfantastic says:

    As I approach my 40′s its scenes like this and how idiotic they are show me that I should just keep myself away from muttering something like “the current music those young people are listening to is damaging” and the like, but darn it I still wanna say “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

  37. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Grrr! Goddamn Punks! Makes ya sick!

  38. Ugly Canuck says:

    Me too but I just wanna say “Get off my cloud!”

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