Serialization of The Deal, Chapter 16

deal-cover.jpgMy friend Joe Hutsko contacted with the intriguing offer to serialize his novel, The Deal, on Boing Boing. I jumped at the chance. I read The Deal when it first came out in 1999 and loved the thrilling story about a Apple-like company's undertaking to create an iPhone-like device.

Here's a link to Chapter 16 as a PDF or a text file. (Here's chapter 1 and an introduction to the book, and here are the previous chapters)

To buy a paperback copy of the book, visit JOEyGADGET or purchase directly from Amazon.


  1. are we going to get the whole book at some time? or just right up to the major teaser with in the plot then an invite to buy the book?
    I really just want to know if this is just advertising or a real book give away?

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