The wacky show rods of Carl Casper


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  1. Engine Here says:

    Something tells me these wouldn’t pass emissions tests.

  2. mikerbaker says:

    Oh, man, I spent many happy hours making these in model form back in the 70′s. I know these buggies well. Thanks!

  3. RJ says:

    Oh, man. I love those old hot rods. Just reading the names Carl Casper, George Barris and Ed Roth get me wishing I had money and space to house just one of their incredible cars. Good, good stuff.

  4. zachdaddy92 says:

    well this may be hard 2 believe but in the late 70′s my best friend used to clean these cars for carl in an unmarked building in clio mich. my best friend growing up was david cunningham carl’s nephew my buddies dad was john cunningham carls brother david took me to the building once secrectivly WHAT AN AWESOME SIGHT seeing ALL of these show cars!!!!! plus unbenonst 2 me carl also loves old wagon type thing kinda circus wagons more less unfortunatly me and david parted ways in the middle 80′s but i will never forget my experiences with dave and carls co. i worked a while w/ hollywood productions which carl owned and toured w/ the K.I.T.T. car and general lee

  5. tiger seven says:

    I live in Louisville, KY and have been to many Carl Casper Auto Shows over the years. These cars are amazing works of art, nothing less. Thanks to Mr. Jalopy for sharing this, and helping more people find out about Carl Casper’s unique cars.

  6. mhammer8 says:

    These are amazing!! Is this the same guy who did the stagecoach rod, does anyone know? I always loved that one, only saw it once or twice, cannot find it online. Pretty sure it was him or Barris.

  7. frankiez says:


  8. forgeweld says:

    Are the drive components non-functional models then, or could they be fired up, in theory?

  9. laffmakr says:

    Wow! My favorite show of the year. The CCAS usually hits town in the middle of February, just in time to give us a boost after a dreary winter. The excitement started with an over-produced radio commercial with a thumping bass and drum line “DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DAAAAAAA.” (You Louisvillians are smiling already.)

    The show will feature some bikini bombshells, some soap opera stars, a few wrestlers, some bands and some mid-level film actors, some local “celebs,” lots of rock & car contests and they used to have a Playboy playmate or two, but I think those days are over. Here are the attractions they had this year:

    But the cars! Like Mikerbraker said, it’s as if I had shrunk and was able to walk among the models I built as a kid. I’ve gotten to see the Monkee Mobile, the Munster Coach, the Eliminator, the Raider’s Coach and, of course, the 1966 Batmobile…still the best.

    I can’t wait…it’ll be #30 this time around.

  10. LogrusZed says:

    There is no reason that a stacked blower needs to be superfluous. It is possible, albeit difficult, to synchronize two stacked blowers. There are numerous examples on Youtube and various car forums discussing this.

    Here is an example of a non-functional (it runs, but it is basically useless as a blower) Mustang with two blowers:

    And here is a little drag truck with both blowers actually producing compression:

    However, as I understand it, the current preferred modus is to have a supercharger and turbocharger. Thus you can suck and blow.

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