Sewing tattoo


The Dainty Squid's amazing sewing tattoo (which is not yet complete) was spotted in Craft magazine's Flickr pool. Crafty Tattoo


  1. Lovely tattoo, but when I see any tattoo permanently marring a perfectly lovely woman I cringe. Sorry.

    I do like the graphic, however. Seems a little Harry Potter.

  2. Awemaker: Whenever I see perfectly normal people assume they have some kind of vested interest in random women’s bodies, I cringe.

    neat tattoo, anyway.

  3. I just find it hard to believe that anyone so much into sewing would give herself such a clumsy neckline ~permanently~…

  4. It’s very well balanced: I like how the scissors’ handles mirror the measuring tape. It’s not boring symmetry, yet it evens out nicely.

    I’d never get a tattoo for myself; but if she’s happy with it, it’s a nice piece of art.

  5. That’s a very nice tattoo. On myself, I would have preferred it as a back piece, but then I would not have been able to see it so easily.

    Nice art. I like.

  6. That is a beautifully done tattoo. The first thing I noticed was the very nice shading work, making the whole image seem 3-D.

    Impressive! :D

  7. So uh, it turns out through further research that the woman attached to the tattoo is in fact a stone cold fox. Definitely fitting for such a bitchin’ tat.

  8. @9, @23

    If you spend some time looking through the rest of her pictures, you’ll see earlier versions of the tattoo from August.

    I don’t think this thing is fake.

  9. Well cripey heck! I looks like you’re right!! Dainty Squid really has committed herself to her machine! i’m certainly down a fiver, but I’m not sure where it’s going…

    to one or all of the contributors here, or to Dainty Squid herself, or to some tattoo-removal charity…?

  10. Well, it’s going in an envelope for 6 months unless i hear otherwise, to be donated to Scope. (the charity shop in my home-town which best benefits the cash-stapped charity shoppers, as well as the charity itself)

  11. my comment bounced! – Posting too often :O(

    just saying that unless I hear otherwise, the fiver’s going to Scope – the charity shop closest to me which best benefits both the named charity and its impoverished clientele…

  12. fool @ 32 Anyone with the cajones / personality to go for a tat like that probably doesn’t need our help to find a mate :O)

  13. I’m always surprised that tattoo articles bring up complaints about tattoos in general. How does it matter to anybody else what somebody is doing with their body? I don’t like tattoos, so I make sure I don’t get one, and appreciate the artwork on those who do get one. It’s not that big a deal, and it’s certainly no more “marring” than a mural on a great piece of architecture.

  14. i know i’d be happy to make an honest woman out of her! and sammich, it b real as real can be! i say send the fiver to star’s legal fund! ( i m speaking as a professional artist with over 15 years the field) love, love.

  15. Hw cnsdrt f hr t vlntr sch vsbl wrnng. Mght s wll wr nm tg tht rds, “H, hv 4 cts, 3 scd ttmpts, nd 2 crrnt prscrptns fr nt-dprssnts.”

  16. UNCLE MAX @34: I agree with you there, however I draw the line with those huge ear plugs that people use to stretch big holes in their lobes. If you check out her flickr photostream, under her “Explored” set, you will find she has those too. Again, it’s your body, do with it what you want. I came up as a punk rocker, so piercings don’t really freak me out, but looking at those plug-deformed self-mutilated lobes makes me cringe. What’s the next generation going to do to be different?

    Nice tat though.

  17. #5: That about sums it up :)

    I’d love to see it when she gets the machine shaded. Oooh, and there’s background to come, too.

    And to the naysayers: Looking at her photo stream, she seems to have a boyfriend, a cat, a lot more tats, a few slightly beyond-the-norm piercings, and a serious sewing addiction. I can’t think of anything more appropriate.

  18. It’s a gorgeous tattoo. I will have to show this off. Body modification has a lot of keen uses and tattoos are an interesting subset of the culture.

    Keen. This makes the sewing kit her “wings” (one of the most common tattoos in that region.) I guess that a lot of us do use our hobbies to fly.

  19. It’s a lovely tattoo. Nice colours; aesthetically pleasing almost-symmetry. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s complete.

    Why is this weirder than roses and skulls, or weapons, or animals, or humorously mistranslated kanji? Antique sewing machines are pretty.

  20. it’s wonderful! i love the layout and style. I hope it doesn’t look to dark and heavy after the sewing machine is colored in.

    there is a girl on crafster (violentjayne) with a similarly themed tattoo sleeve. if you scroll through her projects you can see it in bits & pieces. There is a tape measures wrapping around, the pin cushion and some spools of thread…can’t make out the rest.;u=60353;sa=showTopics

  21. By the way, at all the folks making comments about how bad this tat is going to look in twenty years…

    Do you have any IDEA how much demand there’s going to be for advanced tattoo removal by 2030? The potential revenue available for fast, effective de-inking will result in an industry that gets you in and out the door within 30 minutes, looking like you never had a tattoo at all.

  22. on the subject of opinions about other people’s tatoos

    I think they are partially a public artform, just as much as a declamatory T-shirt graphic is. I think with that in mind it’s OK for people to hold opinions about other people’s tattoos, but they should imagine themselves physically facing the tatoo owner as they decide to speak that opinion.

    I believe there may be actual people attached to those tattoos, so lets be nice eh?

  23. It goes onto her neck! OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW.

    I have a tattoo on my lower back and THAT hurt like hell. I can’t imagine the scraping, shaking needle coming within centimetres of my larynx. AAARRRHGHKJSKHHGHHGH (shudder).

    It looks pretty cool, though. Wow.

  24. I don’t have to any more research. I believe she’s a total fox. I’d want to meet her based on the tattoo, but then I believe my body is here to be lived in (also taken care of, but tattoos are not a contradiction of care, if done right.) It always surprises me when people think their body should remain unmarked, unscarred, un-anythinged. What do you do with yourself if you never, ever, mark yourself up, let alone give yourself a little pretty color? Sit in a padded room?

    Also, not everyone sags to their knees. She does not appear to have large breasts, which, along with exercise, makes a big difference in sagging rates. But I like a little mileage around the edges. Experience (always) > no experience.

    Wonder if she likes girls, in a short term appreciation kind of way.

  25. Amazing work. I really would like to know more about the artist and studio.

    I’ve got a friend who’s very into knitting that has an amazing yarn and needles “Itchy Little Fingers” tattoo. I’ll have to point her at this. She’ll love it.

  26. Christ, tattoos really bring the hateful, self-righteous dts out of the woodwork on BB, don’t they?

    It’s funny how people apparently have to qualify their body choices to us. So … we’re “right” to criticize her if she wasn’t attractive, or didn’t have the “right” body type, or didn’t have a boyfriend?

    Sure, I have to look at it, but likening it to somebody getting flak for a t-shirt is flimsy. We’d criticize a shirt based on the shirt’s design or content, not the wearer’s body.

  27. Wow the sexist swine come out swinging, super disappointing and quite a revelation as to the true nature of so many.

  28. Hey Martha, you don’t have to be sexist to know ugliness when you see it!

    It wouldn’t matter if this tattoo was on [insert beautiful Hollywood actress here], it would still be a crappy place to put a tat.

  29. to who anyone who wondered what the next generation will do to be different…

    They’re gonna have their hands removed and replaced with claws.

  30. PHIKUS @42: I agree, the ear lobe stretching seems pretty out there for me, but hey it’s like the tribe in Burma that does the neck stretching. If it appeals to them, then I say go for it. As long as I don’t have to do it, it works for me.


  31. Thts jst sd.

    When I was in my twenties, I was sure that everythng I was interested in then, I would be interested in forever. I was sure I would have the same friends, same hobbies and like the same music for the rest of my life.

    I was wrong.

    Luckily, I got through the 80’s without a permanent Def Leppard tatoo on my neck.

  32. brookie300, u r doing it rong. the tat is gorgeous! would love to see the finished piece. acx99 and gunkikoot, yer just being rude. sammich, yes, i luvs me some old pink! specially the syd daze. but def. up until ‘animals’. after rog left, seemed alla the good angst left with him. jus my opinion!

  33. LOTS of people find people with body modifications much sexier than people without. Why do so many of you assume that what you find attractive is some kind of default? Not everybody turns into grumpy old snorefests (and then spends their time wagging fingers at other people’s choices) and not everyone is interested in aging in some specific way. Tattoo’s are literally part of you once you get them, so if they get wrinkled, well, so what? So does the rest of your body? People always make that argument as if they’re shedding some kind of forgotten enlightenment on the conversation. *rolling my eyes*

    I think she looks hot, and I think it will still be hot when she is 85, because the personality it takes to follow that lifestyle is not for people who are scared of the future.

  34. Drew_Blood@55, According to this caption, the ink was done by Bryan Krause at Graphic Nature Tattoos in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.

  35. I just felt that the *feelings* of the *person* in the picture should be represented here.

    What follows is the (part) of the caption to the photo on Dainty Squids Flickr.

    (in response to, what I would imagine are, similar to some of the more controversial comments found here)

    “***Woahhhh. I woke up to a whole slew of rude comments (all of which got deleted and are continuing to be deleted as they appear)! Please, keep those to yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s “too big” for you. It’s perfect for me, and that is all that matters, I didn’t get it to impress you, or for you to like. It’s for me, to make me happy, and it does very very much! ****

    Apparently my chest piece is clip art? nice. Thats exactly why I watched Bryan draw it up huh? You’re soooo smart.”

  36. Absolutely gorgeous work, even in its unfinished state.

    As acceptable and mainstream as tattoos are supposedly becoming, women with large tattoos seem to be one of the glaring exceptions. Something about not being “dainty enough” or otherwise conforming to dated ideals of femininity. I hope she can take the rude, thoughtless, and surprisingly hateful comments in stride. In my experience, keeping one variety of narrow-minded douchebag at arm’s length is an unforeseen bonus of decorating our own bodies as we see fit.

  37. GRETAGRETCHEN@61,UNCLEMAX@62&MOXIE@66: Yeah, it’s your body, you can do with it as you like / to each his own, etc. claws, fangs, forked tongue, whatever makes you happy. But I don’t have to like looking at it.

    I am glad to see some skin art, even though I have never added any ink to my own. I just think, if you’re doing extreme body modification that is difficult or impossible to reverse because you want to conform to an idea of non-conformity, or you think it makes you more sexy, you’re doin’ it wrong. Do it because you like it, like any stylistic choice you make to show your persona in your appearance. And don’t do something that will hamper your practical ability to survive.

    Sex appeal comes from within. If you want to hang it on a cool tat / piercing or whatever that gives you confidence, then that’s your placebo, and I’m glad it works for you, but it doesn’t make me less sexy for lacking it.

    Now, I have seen folks, male and female, that seem to use their genital piercings as an excuse to whip it out in public to strangers. If this is what you consider “sexy” than you have me there, but I, for one, do not. Tattoos as an excuse to break the ice with a little nudity, though: Bring it on!

    Your tat stats may not be as accurate as you think, however. Anyone who ever shows off a tattoo and asks if it makes them look sexy is surely always met with a: “Yeah… sure.” Like what else are you gonna say: “NO! GET IT REMOVED AT ONCE!”

    Btw, my money’s on borg implants!

  38. #42 POSTED BY PHIKUS – I have “those plug-deformed self-mutilated lobes” you speak of that make you cringe. If you actually thought it’s our own bodies and we’re free to do what we want with them, you’d keep your mouth shut. It seems you’re a bit of the loop when it comes to body modification. Or modern culture. Having stretched ears is just as beautiful as being “normal”, having stretched ears is nothing to do with being punk. So don’t comment on something you know nothing about.

    #47 POSTED BY WMC – It’s actually a perfect placement for this tattoo.

    #48 POSTED BY ACX99 – Skin looks more disgusting when you’re older and you’ve sat in the sun for 70 years and not worn sun screen. People with age spots or leathery skin are much more revolting. I stay in the shade with sun screen on my tattoos and give a shit about my skin.

    #60 POSTED BY BROOKIE3000 – Thank goodness you gave your informed opinion. I mean it’s obviously informed, you used the word TAT!

    #63 POSTED BY BDGBILL – Oh good advice, because obviously K went right in and got it on a whim. God people find it so interesting to stick their narrow minds into open minded subjects.

    #70 POSTED BY TRR – Also stupid comment. Why are you commenting on a tattoo thread if you don’t get it?

    Dchbgs seriously. Not only are the stupid things you say, hurtful to her, completely unnecessarily, but they hurt other people who had similar modifications. Don’t be so damn rude.

  39. SHES@72: Hey, I thought I was sharing my opinion, which is something I happen to know a great deal about. I was not insulting about it either, calling someone a douchebag or anything, and I even used the word “tat” which you gave me no points at all for in your defensive rush to lump me in with the other detractors. I happen to know a lot of folks with plugs and I share my opinion with them and they are not offended at all. Chill out! I can see that you are one of the people who are doing this because you are afraid of being “normal”, whatever that is. Pierce your fingers next so you can do less typing.

  40. One of the most lovely and personalized tattoos I’ve ever seen. Like an earlier commenter, I’d prefer this as a back piece, but hey, it’s not my body or my business. I think it takes real courage to make this kind of aesthetic statement.

    If you take the time and money to get something like this (and, speaking as someone who’s tattooed, the amount of time and pain that photo represents is quite impressive), then YES, you know how big it is, you know it’s going to be on your skin for all time.

  41. I don’t really get the argument that you shouldn’t get tattoos because your skin will sag when you’re older. Wrinkled skin looks funny with or without tattoos on it. With tattoos, at least it’ll have more character. I love seeing old dudes with tattoos (I’ve seen a few middle-aged ladies with them, but never any old ladies). I always want to know about the stories behind them. It doesn’t detract from my aesthetic pleasure at all that the tattoos are a bit crinkly.

  42. @24 Sammich

    I mean she’s a total babe. This tattoo seems fitting for her, and in my opinion just makes her more babely. Unfortunately research also indicates that she’s taken.

    Research also indicates that she makes awesome pouches. I don’t know what I’d do with a pouch like that, but they’re still bitchin’.

  43. Seriously, people, look through her Flickr stream. First of all, she is cute as a BUTTON. Dimples and everything. Second of all, she’s got a boyfriend, who is also cute as a button. She even has a mom with a matching thumb heart tattoo.

    But you know what? Even if she was barking ugly, what the hell would that matter? I have to say I expected better of BoingBoing commenters. Here is this apparently perfectly sweet young woman, living a happy life with her boyfriend, her cats, her sewing, and her tattoos, with an Etsy store and everything, and just because someone sent a photo of one of her tattoos to BoingBoing, she’s getting deluged with hateful comments on her Flickr site.

    You are all of course entitled to your opinions, but not using them to harm others is a little part of what we call civilization. It’s not like she even sent in the photo herself.

    A lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  44. Guys, where are you getting all these ill-considered comments about what a woman should be allowed to do with her body? I thought you knew better than that.

    Also, that design isn’t clip art.

    Dainty Squid, I’m sorry you got to see some of the comments in this thread. The admiration is genuine.

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