Burning Bookmark

 Images D Bookmark Book Just in time for Banned Books Week (9/27-10/4), the good folks at Gama-Go are taking orders for this new "Burning Bookmark." It's $6.
Burning Bookmark (GAMA-GO)


  1. The specific lists of wanted-to-ban books are made up. Her discussions with the librarian never got that far.

  2. Very cool bookmark.

    Though I do think that a lot of people who protest book banning tend to use an overly broad definition of “banned”. Almost to the point where it dilutes the argument when it really happens.

  3. Remember, everybody, we’ve got a rule against introducing discussion of presidential candidates into threads. (I figure it applies to the VP candidates too.)

  4. Hi all, Greg here from GAMA-GO.

    These are silkscreened on a durable, clear, plastic. We just got them in and are in the process of taking some more photos.

    There’s a die-cut notch for slipping it over the book page.



  5. $7.77 shipping? Really?

    Oh well. Just can’t bring myself to be gouged on shipping for something that could be put in a simple envelope and mailed First-class for just over $2 (including supplies).

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