Why I love Wilco, part umptybillion


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  1. Chainring says:

    #11 – it’s shorter because you downloaded from Canada. The metric version is only 28 seconds. International listeners can order the standard full-length song, but Europeans will require an adapter plug.

  2. ryane says:

    timmaah.. I was coming to the comments section to post the same thing…


    get it on vinyl there…

  3. minTphresh says:

    ah loves me soma dat wilco too! w00t!

  4. Joel Johnson says:

    Fleet Foxes is my favorite band in ages.

  5. RocketMantis says:

    If you need a free song to motivate you to vote, please don’t vote.

  6. g.park says:

    I saw Wilco with Sleater-Kinney and the Flaming Lips on New Years Eve 2004-2005 at Madison Square Garden, 5th row.

    Wilco closed the set, and played Wilco songs up until midnight, when they did the countdown-confetti-balloon magic. After midnight, though, Tweedy & Co started a set of covers that included this one, with a slideshow behind them, the lyrics projected large so the entire stadium could sing along. It was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and nothing’s lived up to it since. And I’m an ardent Death Metal fan.

  7. awood says:

    I downloaded it even though I’m in Canada, although when I opened it was only 28 seconds long…

  8. harry8 says:

    Socially and politically aware musicians. Nice.
    Not so adept at being socially and politically aware that they realise that this thing called the internet extends beyond the national borders of the country they are in. FAIL. (Or perhaps they really are asking foreigners to promise to mess about in US domestic politics illegally?)
    I did like their version of Woody Guthrie’s California Stars.

  9. Pam Rosengren says:

    I can has it too?

    Over here in Australia we always want to vote in the US elections, claiming “no domination without representation” but we are not allowed to yet. I would vote if I could.

  10. devophill says:

    Reason #only I love Wilco- They’re that one popular band Nels Cline is in.

  11. mcscruffington says:

    I agree with #2, Fleet Foxes is a very very wonderful band, and even if they only get mentioned for working with Wilco, they deserve all the attention they can get. Simply beautiful.

  12. wilco says:

    10 years ago, I first came to Stockholm and was greeted with a huge poster “Wilco is in town”.
    - How did they know I was coming?
    - Oh there’s a band that has my name, I see.
    So I checked them out and they’re pretty good indeed.

    Still, wish that poster hadn’t been behind glass…

    Wilco Burghout

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