Interview with Cold War Kids frontman Nathan Willett (music)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you guys about the slightly awkward end to that interview with the whole Florence needing permission thing. But Nathan says that it was a joke. Albeit not very funny but whatever.

    But as far as ‘scraping for credibility’ I can’t agree at all. He’s not actually claiming Cold War Kids are a punk band. Just saying they work better in little dingy venues than big outdoor festivals. And slamming them for not evolving; compared to someone like Jack White… who I love… but he’s really not that original. And he doesn’t even seem like the type to try and ‘keep up’ with any kind of movement or ‘scene’….

    I think the fact that Cold War Kids are not trying to keep up with any other changes signifies a little more credibility and value in what they’re doing.

    Go and read the interviews over at Antiquiet. Nathan Willett knows what he’s about. More so than a lot of others I think.

  2. nick courage says:

    Nathan Willett: “I’m with the b(r)and”


  3. Giraffe says:

    um yea

    it seems the cold war kids are scraping for cred these days

    they got big after 2 local shows in orange county, one at plush cafe in fullerton then one at detroit bar, a month long residancy to be exact. after that they were ‘huge’. that lasted for a couple, their sound fitting of the time in orange county, fun with no real subtance. shits changing around them these days and they are staying relatively the same. maybe thats why the jack white didnt fullfill his 15+ tour dates with the band last year. ;)

    punk rock band? what? come on guys.

    the dark side? downer music? i think russel porter, as awkward as that seemed, knew what he was doing and did it well. cold war kid came off like an arrogant rocker kook.

    move over cold war kids or be moved over.

  4. qlfwyyd says:

    There was something a bit painful and uncomfortable about the end of that interview.

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