Vintage Poison Labels

 Poison Eye-Oval-Label  Poison Sugar-Of-Lead
Over at the delightful "Spook Shows" Halloween site, Richard Miller posted a zip file of vintage poison labels. Miller writes, "One year I put them on the cocktail glasses at my Halloween party." Vintage Poison Labels (, thanks Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. I find it hard to believe that the we live in a world where INSECTODETH isn’t a heroin soaked thrash band.

    Now, excuse me while I order Grave’s Pectoral Compound of alchohol and opium (a winning combination) to quell my cold & cough.

  2. It’s funny that the carbolic acid (phenol) and chloroform labels list whiskey (!) as antidotes, but the one for wood alcohol (methanol) lists “strong coffee” and not whiskey.
    Ethanol is an effective antidote for other alcohols and glycols. But I wouldn’t think it would be a good antidote for chloroform, a strong anesthetic, although perhaps it competes with it and prevents its metabolism into other worse things.

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