Adventurer's Club at Disney World closes

The Adventurer's Club at Walt Disney World -- a cabaret show/bar augmented with puppeteered robotic masks, stone idols, and random junque -- has shut its doors, as part of the shuttering of Pleasure Island (an otherwise lacklustre adult entertainment area with crummy discos and clubs). This was my second-favorite Disney artifact of all time (after the Haunted Mansion ride), and my favorite club in the world. I'm so bummed to hear they shut it down -- I hope it re-opens somewhere else soon!

Three UCF students showed up dressed as Pamelia Perkins, Hathaway Browne, and the Colonel. “It’s the final night,” said Pamelia look-alike Beth Phillips. “We had to do something big.” Nathan Kohlun said choosing to dress like Hathaway was easy. “Everyone loves this character, especially the women. It’s just all really fun.”

About an hour before the doors opened, many of the actors came out in their street clothes to loud cheers. They posed for photos, answered questions, received gifts, and thanked as many fans as they could for their support over the years.

Cassie Cameron, who wore a hand-made Hathaway shirt, brought a snapshot to give to the cast showing her at age 9 in the Mask Room. The now 24-year-old said she’s just sad she won’t get the chance to bring her own daughter to the Club. “She’s three and can already sing the Adventurer’s Song and even Toast! I had really hoped to share this with her some day.”

Huge Crowd Gives Heartfelt Send-off to Adventurer’s Club (Thanks, Heath!)


  1. Closing this club has to be one of Disney’s worst moves in recent history. It will be dearly missed by many.

    These cast members have brought years of laughter and memories and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

    I can only hope that it re-opens again somewhere on property bigger and better than ever.

  2. A very sad day, The Adventurers Club was probably the best Disney had to offer. I actually know the guy playing the character in the video above, they were all very talented actors and caused the show to be hilarious. Here’s hoping it will open somewhere else

  3. This is the saddest thing to ever happen. We went again recently and Pamelia’s speech during the radio show (when the club is “closing”) seemed much sadder given the actual closing.

    Remember it fondly! Kungaloosh!

  4. That’s a bummer. A very neat concept. I enjoyed my visits immensely.

    I still have my Adventurers’ Club tiki mug.

  5. I’m sad to see the Adventurer’s Club go, but since they were shutting down the rest of Pleasure Island, what other choice did they have? Hopefully they’ll relocate it to Downtown Disney or something.

  6. The AC was the highlight of my recent WDW trip, and I’m truly saddened I’ll never get to experience it again. Disney really doomed the whole area to failure — non of their marketing in the past couple years even mentioned Pleasure Island, and I’m sure few guests knew of the Adventurers Club.

    For those of you that haven’t seen it, actor Kris Truelsen (who worked for 17 years at the AC) posted a wonderful “obituary” of the club at

  7. I’ve gone through most of the Kubler-Ross stages of grief over the Club closing, but I keep regressing to anger…WDW management have already killed off most of the stuff in the parks for adults…and the “reimagined” Downtown Disney concept promises to be nothing that you can’t find at your local suburban strip mall, right down to the faux Irish Pub anchor. I fervently, desperately, and most likely vainly hope that the Adventurers Club will reawaken in a new location with as much of the original cast as possible, but I’m not about to hold my breath.

    Meanwhile, Downtown Disney gets none of my money on future trips. Reimagine THAT, DTD VP Lansberry!

  8. My friend’s dad got into a struggle with Goofy at the character’s breakfast and the guy hit him, back in the day.

  9. The original buzz was that was Disney was closing the club..and had plans to reopen it as a ‘gateway’ for their “Night Kingdom” park.

    A personalized adventure style with limited access..with entry priced at about 300 or so per person.

    The staff guest ratio was supposed to be 4000 staff to 2000 guests. Very high end stuff.

    I seriously doubt this will happen now, and I hope they’ll scale back their plans to make the Adventurers Club a cornerstone of a scaled plan open to all and scaled back in a less ‘exclusive’ type mini-park. They have the basic game plan..and the basic imagineering for the entry club..they just need to scale back the 300 bucks per person entry and open it too all hours. Make it a Tom Sawyers Island for Adults. No extra fees..but more adult oriented with AC as the corner stone.

  10. Adventurer’s Club was the best thing at WDW. Fuck them for closing it. They should have remodeled the entire park around the same concept.

  11. We forgot this was closing on the 27th till literally the 27th, so my friends and I bee-lined down there to get one last kungaloosh.

    The crowd was intense! We got there about 5pm (AC opened at 6pm), and the line zigged and zagged essentially all over the front of the BET Soundstage.

    I asked a CM and she said they had started lining up as early as 6am.

    For Disney’s credit they sent out performers and the like into the crowd. When people started cheering when someone existed the club, I realized we might be in line for a long night. :)

    Farewell AC! I really, really hope someone figures out that the AC is worth keeping :p.

  12. I remember being the guy at the cabaret show who is singled out by the singer for special embarrassment, under the spotlight. Good times.

  13. I firmly believe that while the Adventurer’s Club is “dead” in it’s current form, its concept is far from it. We will see something very similar to it again in Walt Disney World very soon, although the storyline and characters may change, the essence of the club will survive.


  14. With regard to #13’s comment . . DISNEY did not send the performers into the crowd . . the performers themselves made that choicewhen they saw how many people were waiting who had no choice of getting in. I know this because I was a “Permanent Member” of the club, tho’ I did not help it close that night.

    It was a wonderful place and my memories there are all fond.

  15. Wow, I had to register just so I could comment on this one.

    I should preface this by stating that I was a PI castmember for about 6 years (until 2006). My fiancee was a PI castmember for about 10 years (until closing night.)

    First, #21 is correct (referencing #13), Disney did NOT send the performers into the crowd before doors opened. The performers chose to to this themselves. The performers also made the choice to keep performing after the club officially closed (1:45am). They even went past the time that the Island closed (2am). Honestly, Disney couldn’t care less about giving the guests anything like that….

    To #10, the common consensus on this is that the “uber-nightspot” idea would never really work. (would you pay $300 for ANY park experience…?)

    To #16, the Jessica Rabbit sign was unfortunately “lost” a few years ago. Exactly how someone goes about losing a 60 foot neon sign is still up for debate…

    When I began working at PI in 2000 (as an audio engineer) every club (and the street) was jam packed almost every night. There were at least three bands performing in different clubs each night, dancers on three stages, a nightly “New Year’s Eve” show and fireworks each night. We had over 20 major special events each year and tons of smaller ones.

    Slowly we started seeing more and more entertainment get cut. The special events got cut completely or more embarrasingly, got reduced to sheer ludicrous proportions. For example, we used to have a MAJOR event for Mardis Gras each year. The event would be about a week long, would involve extra entertainment, larger fireworks shows, confetti raining down on the street and in the clubs, etc… Also, there would be a HUGE parade up and down the street of Pleasure Island (lots of floats, dancers, etc). One year, “the powers that be” decided NOT to have any extra entertainment, NOT to have any fireworks other than the regular nightly show, and instead of the usual parade, they decided to have (no lie), “the worlds smallest Mardis Gras parade”. This consisted of one actor… on a Segway…

    PI management considered that a huge success…

    I know that this post probably sounds like the ranting of a bitter ex-employee, and to some extent it is, but I’m not alone. I worked with a few dozen other people in my department that feel the same way. We were a collection of people that really bought into the whole concept that “guest show” was everything. Now it seems that Disney has it’s priorities all askew…

    EDIT: when I speak of Disney above, I am referring only to Walt Disney World, in Orlando. From what I understand, Disney in California is run by a different team of individuals (who seem to have their heads on straight.)

  16. Wow, Yes, I was there the last night. I saw lots of stuff that I had seen in a long time. Stiltwalkers, etc. I was blown away when the castmembers of the Adventurers Club came out, climbed on the wall and talked to us all. I was one of the lucky ones who waited four hours to get in and got in about 11:20PM. They went way over the time limit, and no one wanted to leave. Finally, if it weren’t for the four or five Orange County Sheriff’s officers who physically came into the main salon to ask everyone to leave, I think we would have stayed for breakfast! The castmembers were very gracious. Upon exiting, I noticed there was not a soul in front of BET, 8Traxx or any other club except for the AdvClub. People just didn’t want to give it up. I am sorry Disney put balance sheets over passion on this one. Not the Disney I had come to know and love.

  17. From what I understand,,,Disney’s new theme park (Night Kingdom),,which is to open at Walt Disney World,,will have a new and bigger Adventurers Club at the entrance to the park….Plans have changed so much since the initial announcement,,,who knows if it’s still in the works or not????

  18. Night Kingdom is still, unfortunately just a rumor (according to those who should know). I’m happy to hear HK’s HM will get some of the AC’s artifacts, but in reality I wish (like many) that the AC would never end up disassembled. Disney Powers That Be who came up with this awful plan to bring more “mall type” shopping and dining have very little clue as to what their Guests really want out of WDW.

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