Eclectic Methodology and their New Toy

Bob Marley - Eclectic Method vMIX - Imeem Exclusive -

Video remix artists Eclectic Method cut and paste music videos, movies, current events, and video games into a danceable stream of sound and heady stretch of images. It's fun to watch them "scratch" DVD's live, and their recorded work makes for great YouTube fare.

Here's my favorite examples of their video mashup:
BOB MARLEY - (an official video mix for the Marley Family)
ENTOURAGE HBO: Ari Gold says F*%K
ZEITGHOST #2 - Eclectic Method's Signature Music Video Remixtape
TONY SOPRANO's Video Remix
KILL BILL - Movie Fight Remix

But it's even more fun to play with this stuff oneself. In true DIY fashion, they've created a super-easy video remixer that lets the least experienced or most stoned computer users to play mash-up with images from their last video.

(All you do is click on the image, and then use your number keys to jam.)

It may not be the most deeply creative computer experience available, but it is kinda fun - and accessible to all. Even my 3-year-old.

Douglas Rushkoff is a guest blogger.


  1. That’s a fun little gadget. What would be really cool is if it calculated a tempo from your first dozen or so keypresses and started a rhythm track to that bpm.

  2. ColdCut did similar stuff in the 90s.
    Youtube has lots of their Videos.
    Take a look at “Natural Rhythm” – pretty impressive for 1997 if you remember the times.
    They developped a free tool called ‘VJamm’ and you could do similar things with it.

  3. That is a very fun toy, indeed. Something like this could really inspire a whole new generation of DJ’s. Maybe it will be the next “Dance, Dance, Revolution!” “Guitar Hero?”

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