Facebook hires key defender of Bush's attack on American civil liberties


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  1. Cicada says:

    Try to separate the person from the job here– he’s a lawyer and it was a gig. Now he’s on to a new gig where he’ll presumably also do whatever his employers require. Just like anyone else in that position would, unless you assume he carries a personal malevolence that’ll override his actual job duties.

  2. jesushootscores says:

    How can we help them to FAIL?

  3. Ryan Waddell says:

    I’m not sure of the significance of this. Can somebody tell me why this makes a lick of difference to your average Facebook user?

  4. Bonnie says:

    Is this so they can deal with all of us haters who can’t stand the new Facebook design?

  5. Anonymous says:

    News to facebook members. You can deactivate your account, but not truly cancel it. Facebook keeps all data unless you manually erase it before closing the door and leaving. All previous communications, such as email, etc., are still kept by Facebook.

  6. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    Ever since Beacon I use Safari for Facebook and Firefox for everything else. Safari isn’t worth much anyway (IMO) so I am not tempted to open another tab there and provide faceless corporations with insights into my personal browsing style.

    I am not sure, but I think this 2-browser system means that everything I do cannot be tracked by Beacon, but god knows I could be wrong.

    Why does everything have to suck? Why is it a constant struggle just to remain a little bit free?

  7. jonathan_v says:

    maybe this is being done to make them look like a better acquisition to yahoo — which had that whole mess about giving up a chinese blogger to be tortured. now they have one of the guys responsible for legitimizing torture in the us.

    i bet now would be a great time to toss “fugitive nazi war criminal” on your resume if you’re trying to work at facebook or google – they can start a bidding war for you over the number of people you’ve tortured.

  8. Baldhead says:

    Clear evidence of how, after you climb high enough, nobody cares about what you did at your previous jobs- only who you worked for. “Oh you helped bury Enron? that’s oK! Junior VP sound good? 8 weeks vacation!”

  9. Cowicide says:

    I canceled my myspace ages ago after FOX News Corp bought it. I was thinking of using Facebook… now I guess that’s out.

    Is Friendster evil?

  10. Thalia says:

    There are a number of groups against Ullyot. If you’re on Facebook, do join:

    “Demand that Facebook General Counsel Ullyot Resign”

  11. MrSquirrel says:

    That does it… I’m canceling my Facebook account right now, and going back to talking to my cats when I need attention.

  12. voodoolock says:

    there’s yet another facebook group:

    Tell Facebook to fire former Alberto Gonzales Chief of Staff


    Join them all, or maybe we can merge them.

  13. Marcel says:

    And from here on end, we will now refer to Facebook as Mugshots.

  14. boyhowdy says:

    Gee, there’s an auspicious bio. Bummer…and I was really enjoying Scramble, too.

  15. Anonymous says:

    In true Facebook fashion, there is now a group called “No Alberto Gonzales, No Ted Ullyot as General Counsel”.

    I wonder if its founders are on the no-fly list yet.

    (do they still hate us for our freedom?)

  16. Daemon says:

    #1: You are probably correct… in a parallel reality.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is the same Facebook, mind you, which was funded as a startup with help from an investor who had direct business ties to a CIA-run venture-capital firm. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/14/facebook

  18. certron says:

    Next thing you know, they’ll release a legal brief stating that MySpace isn’t torture and Friendster is just an enhanced social network site.

  19. EtaWat says:

    And yet another reason for why I’m never joining facebook.

  20. sazzamook says:

    I joined the Facebook group, but I still have a Facebook page :/

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