Punching bag changes color when hit


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  1. Sekino says:

    Imagine the nice effect if it changed colour with every punch…

    The Stayin’ Alive self-defense class.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i probably know what they had in there for it to change colors them glow sticks ppls use for raving them liquid cus i used to hang them and jab and it changes colors and glow darker to light but nice bag tho

  3. DavidPFarrell says:

    If this is triggered off the # of hits, that’s pretty cool.

    But what would be better for me is if it could be triggered off the amount of the total force applied – i.e. the strength of the hits.

    Actually being able to configure for either and also being able to set the threshold (red-to-white = 1000 hits etc) seems like it would be a really good long term training tool.

    This of course assumes the internals could hold up to a long term beating.

  4. Bonegnawer says:


    Dear god, I lol’d.

  5. grimc says:

    This is only 198% full of win.

  6. Sijay says:

    #3: Guessin? I think the harder you hit, the more likely you’ll trigger adjacent sensors, which would kind of give you the (cheap) effect of a pressure sensor.

  7. aaronbeekay says:


    I kind of figured the best way to do pressure sensing on this kind of thing wouldn’t be pressure sensors (you’d need to put in a lot of them, and that’s expensive + multiple points of failure), but rather a cheap accelerometer in the middle of the bag. Maybe two, one at the top and one at the bottom.

    Knowing the weight of the bag and the acceleration when it was hit, you could pretty easily deduce the force applied by the punch. With two accelerometers, you might be able to figure out where it was hit, too.

    Technology, man.

  8. zuzu says:

    But it still doesn’t cry then have sex with you afterwards. ;)

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