Steampunk for engineers in IEEE Spectrum

This month's IEEE Spectrum magazine has a lush photo-spread aimed at explaining to engineers the appeal of steampunk:

STEAMY STEPS: California artist and animator I-Wei Huang, known as Crab Fu, has built a legion of remote-controlled steaming creatures out of scale-model tanks and boats, electronics kits, and “a bunch of junk parts I’ve collected.” The Steam Walker, one of his favorite creations, uses a Wilesco D14 miniature steam engine and a system of sprockets and chains to move its feet.
Slideshow: Steampunk Sensation

(Image: Jonathan Sprague/Redux)


  1. YEAH!
    Steampunk is back!
    Now, where was I?
    the weather is fine here today
    God the sky was blue
    no armies anywhere
    Santa Ana winds blew all day
    It must have been close to 90
    out on Miramar Rd.

  2. I hav one of these engines also. probably 50 years old and low milage.

    I also have little machine shop of toy cast metal factory tools to be driven by the steam engine. There’s about 10 of them – a lathe, a mill, a table saw, a trip hammer…..

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