Group Sounds (Japanese 1960s music) movie trailer

Coop sent us this link to a movie about the Japanese GS (group sound) phenomenon of the 1960s. Looks like fun!

Rodney brought news of Ryuichi Honda’s GS Wonderland back in July and we’ve been waiting for more on it ever since. The presence of Chiaki Kuriyama is enough to attract attention but the real draw of this one looks to be the recreation of legit 1960s musical styles. The GS - or group sounds - phenomenon was Japan’s answer to the 1960s British Invasion and for his film Honda has hired on actual GS era hit songwriters to create an entirely new soundtrack and it’s sounding sweet. And now it’s looking sweet, too, with the full theatrical trailer arriving on the scene. Check it in the Twitch Player below the break.
Group Sounds (Japanese 1960s music) movie trailer


  1. This is just amazing. It looks like an Austin Powers, only actually funny. I have no clue what anyone was saying.

  2. Sounds like it’s narrated by Norio Wakamoto, or somebody simulating him. Man, I love that overly dramatic voice of his.

  3. It’s amazing how much garage and psych music spread all over the world so quickly. It seems like thousands of amateur bands sprung about around the world between 1966 and 1968. And that’s a GOOD thing. There was a fairly popular Japanese band called the Mops in the 60’s. Maybe this is a partial nod to them as well.

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