Stanford's Sapolsky and National Geo produce a documentary on stress


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  1. Stu Mark says:

    Robert Sapolsky’s “A Primate’s Memoir” is my favorite of his books – he really opened up my head to help me understand primates, including humans. His writing style is candid, open-minded, and inclusive. I think he’s a great example for future academics.

  2. pinch says:

    It stresses me to watch Saplosky talk about stress.
    Time to get lit.

  3. TEKNA2007 says:

    Anybody have updated version of the links in the previous article?

    All the non-iTunes links in that article are dead to me.

    I watched them the first time around and it was good stuff, would love to see it again. IIRC, the takeaway message was extended stress + glucose insufficiency = neuron death in the hippocampus.

  4. aislefive says:

    See LinkedIn’s interview with Sapolsky from last week, promoting the piece before it aired:

  5. anguilla says:

    Dang this aired Sept 24. I’m sorry I missed it!

  6. Avi Solomon says:

    The torrent flows like a river:)

  7. TEKNA2007 says:

    avi :)

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