MC Frontalot's Final Boss: nerdcore par excellence


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  1. error404 says:

    I was onboard until the mention of Thatcher.

    It’s a knee jerk reaction to the woman who tried to annihilate society.

    evil evil evil.

  2. MrScience says:

    I take a lot of photos at PAX… and MC Frontalot is my favorite to photograph! Though the Thickets gave him a run for his money this year in theatrics.

    @1: Here’s a few pics I snapped of MC Frontalot and Coulton singing together:

    One of my favorites of the MC:

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think Frontalot is a good rapper, even though he sounds like he’s “doing” a black guy “doing” a white guy (lands on the R’s a lot).

    But a big turnoff for me (especially on “Thatcher”) is that the background music often sounds like the cheesy imitation hip-hop you hear on fake-rap novelty songs like “The Super Bowl Shuffle” or “Rappin’ Rodney.”

    “Socks On” is definitely loads better than “Thatcher” musically, and maybe lyrically, and is probably about as close to actual hip-hop as the album gets.

    And yeah, the skits are hilarious, especially the Wil Wheaton one. The world definitely needs more Shellfishcore hip-hop!

  4. Category says:

    @13 – Considering the “evil” Thatcher, the combo of “working peoples” political leaders Bush and Blair have done a lot more destruction than she ever could.

    Back on topic – Frontalot is ok – quite dig some of his music, so might have to buy this. Still gotta see Nerdcore Rising, but I’m more interested in the documentary “Nerdcore For Life”, when that finally finishes the film festival circuit.

  5. cholling says:

    I don’t understand… are Boingers more inclined to think bad music is good if the lyrics are about video games, robots, or ’80s pop culture?

  6. Fletcherism says:

    As far as Nerdcore…


    Just saying zahl….

  7. Joel Johnson says:

    I just caught a Boing Boing nod in Scare Goats. Back atcha, Front.

  8. sammich says:

    error404 @23 – my guess is not from the north of england

  9. mamarox says:

    Drat, it doesn’t appear to have my favorite
    Frontalot song; the great ode to bridge engineering “Floating Bridge.”

    Gotta get it, though … not great flow, but great fun.

  10. Tamu says:

    A few people have mentioned Scott Campbell’s artwork. Just a little link love for y’all.

  11. valtz says:

    OMG!!!! (to employ the online vernacular–always awkward for us 40-somethings, geeks like me still barely know what a browser is….)

    This guy’s an old student of mine from Berkeley High School! I loved this kid and now lookit this!

    Guess I have to write to him–

  12. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    The only time I want to hear that bitch named in song in when she is dead..Evil Fucking Vampiric Shit of an excuse for humanity.Vile venal cow and her poxed greed culture she spawned.
    Blair and chums are merely the bitter fruit of her evil poisoned seed.
    (rant over)

  13. SamF says:

    @#3: I think that’s kind of the point of the song. Unless I’m missing something. The cryptozoology guy doesn’t believe in scare goats because they ARE real. All the creatures he believes in are the mythical ones.

    @#15: Just like emo kids love to hear people sing about cutting themselves and country music fans like to hear people sing about beer and pickup trucks, us nerds like to hear songs about the things we love. Not all boingers are nerds, though, so it’s understandable that not everyone’s going to “get it”.

    Me, I like the Front. He’s got some great lyrics, and I actually like his unique flow. I may just have to pick this up.

  14. Scarybug says:

    Fret not dear Thatcher haters. The last lyric in the song calls her a “villainous crone”.

    “Don’t retract unless you’re starting a move,
    and don’t begin a motion unless you follow it through,
    and don’t do anything I wouldn’t condone
    except a dance named after a villainous crone.”

    RTFL, next time ;P

  15. Daemon says:

    Hmm. I notice he’s got a collaberation with Jonathan Coulton in there. Cool.

    Even though I dislike rap in general (with a handfull of specific exceptions, such as Frontalot’s own Pitch Dark), a Coulton collaberation would definately be worth checking it.

  16. hassan-i-sabbah says:

    Or Scotland. These feeling run deep.

  17. Various Cool dot Com says:

    You all should check out Deltron 3030. Great production with space and tech lyrics!

  18. romulusnr says:

    Say a little prayer for Mr. Awesome Pants?

  19. serth says:

    I am squinting at the sig on the cover and yes, that is Scott C !!

  20. thebelgianpanda says:

    I don’t understand the comments related to Frontalot being a ‘bad’ rapper. I agree he doesn’t sound like mainstream rappers, but does that make him bad? Roland Kirk didn’t sound like Charlie Parker, Stravinsky didn’t sound like Rachmaninov, Nirvana didn’t sound like Metallica; and though is analogy is flawed since all of the examples have had their greatness recognized, it is indicative of what I’m trying to say.

    No, front is not Tupac, Eminem, or even Weird Al, he’s front. Some of the sounds and samples are going to sound abrasive to a lot of people–the first time I heard Love Supreme, I had no friggan clue what I was listening to, but it eventually became one of my most beloved albums. Front isn’t for everybody, not even every nerd, but there is nothing ‘bad’ about his tunes, just different.

    Now let us all sing along: Here’s a new trick Mr. Knox, socks on chicks, chicks on fox…

  21. Davin says:

    The art looks like Scott Campbell’s work.

  22. themiddleroad says:

    Poor flow. Lame “I’m so clever” word choice. B-grade tunes and beats. I love the concept of nerdcore and want it to work, but the practitioners fail to impress me. MC 900 Ft Jesus rocks. Frontalot reeks. There’s plenty of good thoughtful rap available, or at least pretty good.

  23. DeWynken says:

    My 4 year old girl Rowan absolutely gushed on the funny kitty with the gun.

  24. Scarybug says:

    I got the album early at PAX. The whole thing is most excellent. Better than his last two albums, I’d say.

    But Scare Goats are real! My friend had them in his farm in Oregeon, WI. TELL THE PEOPLE!

  25. themiddleroad says:

    I love the art. Too bad he’s an awful rapper.

  26. cosmicautumn says:

    I think Nerdcore Rising is the most endearing profile of a musical artist I’ve ever seen. Despite the fact that his style of music isn’t my favorite, I’ll probably buy this just to support someone so enthusiastic and dedicated to his fans.

  27. Jason Scott says:

    Video for “Wallflowers”:

    Frontalot’s running a contest for the best fan-made video, too.

  28. MelvinHoek says:

    Sounds a lot like Paul Barman. But not as technically awesome.

  29. Steve Stair says:

    If you think *those* lyrics are good, check out “Socks On” on the same album. There needs to be more Dr. Seuss inspired music.

  30. Itsumishi says:

    @4 themiddleroad.

    I’m with you. The ‘Do It’ samples are also painful.

    This is the one case where I would have been more inclined to purchase the album before hearing the music. Enjoyed reading the lyrics and love that artwork, so thanks but no thanks.

  31. error404 says:


    Where are you from just out of interest?

  32. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    Cholling @15, I believe they base their judgement on whether or not they enjoyed listening to it.

  33. sirspocksalot says:

    I hope for his next album Front does a song about that cad Boss Tweed and his dastardly confederates at Tammany Hall! It’s about time they were taken down a peg or two!

    (I love ya Front, but…Margaret Thatcher? Seriously? You’re like thirty years late to that party!)

  34. LeSinge says:

    $17.23 after tax and shipping. That’s a spicy meatball. Oh well. In for one.
    @4 and @8, to each his (or her) own I guess. I think he’s pretty good.

  35. Xenu says:

    MC Frontalot’s show was easily one of my favorite concerts.

    No, he’s not a good rapper. But what he lacks in flow he makes up for in content.

  36. mmbb says:

    “copyfight” how?
    cory, it’s your tag and you can use it as you see fit, but what does it mean?

  37. kento says:

    As a huge Flight and Psychonauts enthusiast, I was excited to see the art of Scott Campbell!

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