Wonderful Non-skid Sticker Things


My two-weeks is almost up (I heard that), but not before I post my first actual wonderful thing to this blog of wonderful things. Graphic designer Jesse Milden's Subhead Premium Grip Anti-Slip Stickers!

These are the flat black things you'd usually see applied to an outdoor deck or staircase - someplace that might get wet and become dangerous. Even the edge of a subway platform. Seeing an opportunity for graphical treatment where none was envisioned before, Milden designed some cool and retro patterns, making these stickers suitable as a functional decor statement - or even a customized skateboard grip.

I'm using them in strategic locations for toddler traction.

Douglas Rushkoff is a guest blogger.


  1. Given the crowds I hang out with, the most common use I see of “skateboard tape” is to wrap around the grips of polymer-framed pistols. Some of them can get amazingly slippery in sweaty hands. I looked on the catalog page and most of the stickers are way too large to use in that way without cutting them down enough to destroy the pattern. However, the fleur de lis may just work. I think I’ll grab an 8-pack and see if they’re sticky and durable enough to work in that application.

  2. That is genius.

    When I was a grommet I would have given my eye teeth for the ones pictured in above.

  3. “My two-weeks is almost up (I heard that)”


    Four more weeks!
    Four more weeks!
    Four more weeks!
    Four more weeks!

    (read it like a chanting crowd)

  4. Rushkoff, Why are you wearing slippery toddlers in the first place?

    (four more weeks, four more weeks!)

  5. Wolfie took a face plant on the wet floor the other day. Some skull and crossbones decals all over the floor might be interesting…

    So, Doug, I hope you keep posting somewhere we can continue these wonderful conversations you manage to spark. If not here, then where? (I did bookmark your blog. See: Writers on Alcohol.)

    It’s been a great experience getting to talk with you in this forum and I hope it doesn’t end. I will be very very bummed. We need to discuss how we can be “happy” mutants. It is hard with all this coming and going.

    I think you’ve tapped in to a wonderful concept of community, and while not everyone may be down with that, I wish there was a way for the dialogue to continue somewhere. So, please post some links of clues to help us track the kinds of conversations we need to be having.

    Now, I’m really blathering. Rushkoff leaving boingboing is causing me to become unhinged!

    Someone, please, stop the clock. Four more weeks! Four more weeks!

  6. Back in 1993 I bought a specialized set of grip stuff like this that was cut specifically for laptops–they sold it at the Apple Company Store in Cupertino. I put a couple of strips on the top and one on the bottom and I never had to worry about butter-fingers again (or mistaking someone else’s Dell Lattitude/White MacBook for someone elses in the swarm of machines on the conference table).

  7. Takuan,
    I’m surprised you’d be one to count on the kindness of strangers. It’d be a bad bet, I’d think. But a nice thought, nonetheless.

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