Old timey Halloween photos


Steve Chasman is posting one old timey Halloween photo every day during the month of October. This one is from 1911. Halloween photo from 1911 (via Little Hokum Rag)


  1. i would wait to label it racist until i knew the story behind the materials used. i believe back at that point the kkk were using a different sort of..hat(?), but i am not entirely sure.

    anyway, if i saw a troop of kids coming at me like in that first picture i would shit. i wish i knew enough little kids to dress them up that creepy.
    halloween just isn’t what it was, say, 15 years ago.
    i am in mexico city no, though, i am looking forward to their day of the dead celebrations. i’d like to see the mummy parades.

  2. This picture is right at the onset of the tradition of “trick-or-treating” being established. Halloween is a prank holiday as of the date of this photo, not a candy holiday like it is today. Notice the lack of “candy bags.” I wouldn’t be surprised to see baseball bats and clubs instead. Major creepy.

  3. Good grief, people. Nothing about this photo looks like Klansmen. Not a single thing. Name ONE similarity, unless you think the mere fact that the children are in costume makes them look like Klansmen. If that’s your criteria, then every costume in the world qualifies as a Klansman outfit. Stupid.

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