A timely Photoshop (source unknown).

It's a 'shop job, but it's still funny. (thanks, r stevens, via)


  1. Even in the original, thats a pretty angry gesture of peace. That is, unless she is doing the “I’m WATCHING you!” thing. “You best be keeping your hands off my cotton candy.” [or, whatever else might be in that plastic bag in her hand.]

  2. So.

    Tell me that the photoshopped part is that horrible coat before I start tearing out my eyes.

  3. Forget the hand gestures. I want to know how anyone could ever trust the judgment of someone who would be seen in public wearing that coat.

    1. Palin, Palin, Palin.

      Funny you should say that. I was explaining to someone today about this moderating lark. I was telling him that it’s normally fairly calm, and he chipped in with, “I bet it’s exploded since McCain picked Sarah Palin.” People seem to find her rather interesting.

  4. I, too, initially thought the photoshop was the hideous raincoat and sat there for a minute trying to understand it…head in the clouds? Penchant for cotton candy? Then I saw the kid. Which means she really wore that coat.

  5. Republican women are required to wear awful clothes. They don’t have to wear them all the time, but they have to periodically put on a show of loyalty by wearing some completely incomprehensible item.

  6. It certainly confused me as to why someone would bother photoshopping one hand gesture into another one that has the same meaning. Then I read that wikipedia link by Kieran @27. When did the Peace symbol get turned around in the US? (when did the palm stop facing outwards?)

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