Etch A Sketch video: Chicago Cubs

George Vlosich III made a terrific time-lapse video of his Chicago Cubs illustration on an Etch A Sketch. It took 100 hours and he's offering a free print of the result. Etch A Sketch: Chicago Cubs

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Etch-A-Sketch art by George Vlosich III


  1. Wouldn’t it have sucked to do all that THEN the cubs got swept in the first round..

    Oh wait that happened.

    /me sobs uncontrollably.

  2. As a Chicagoan I can say that in order to be authentic this piece must hang beautifully on your wall for 162 days and then burst into flame and consume your home, your family and your dreams.

  3. That’s pretty good. Now if the line had never crossed itself then that would’ve been impressive.

    But seriously, I’m guessing that 100 hours pales in comparison to how much practice it took to get that level of control over the stylus point.

    There’s something mildly steampunk about using an Etch-a-Sketch as artistic medium. If not for the artist’s ability to videolog the work, the danger of loss might exceed the urge to create in the first place. (Or maybe it would just heighten the excitement, what do I know? I’m not an artist.)

  4. It is an amazing skill he has with the Etch a Sketch. It sounds like he has a band, too, but I think the cool time lapse video would do better with a different soundtrack. But he is putting his stuff out there and that’s great.

  5. mgfarrelly @3

    Ain’t that the truth. The only consolation is the equally luminous flameout on the south side.

  6. I would make the print first, and project it on the Etch A Sketch as a guide (sneakily switching off the projector to take a picture every minute). That’s just sensible and you know it.

  7. 100 hours is about 100 hours more effort than the Cubs actually put into the postseason this year. Year in, year out, I bleed Cubbie blue, but this season I may have been bled dry.

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