UK to install clusters of cameras to catch speeders

The UK is going to install camera clusters on hundreds of roads next year to "monitor drivers’ average speed on all routes across a wide area."
It will be impossible to evade detection because the digital cameras will cover every entry and exit point and, unlike the earlier speed cameras, will never run out of film.

Drivers who slow down briefly or who make a detour from the main route will still be caught because up to 50 of the cameras will work together in a network. They can be positioned more than 15 miles apart and will automatically read numberplates and transmit data instantly to a penalty processing centre.

Existing average-speed cameras cover a maximum of six miles, work in pairs and have to be connected by a cable, so their installation is costly and time-consuming. Drivers can also escape detection by turning off the route between the cameras.

If they are going to get this hardcore about it, you'd think they'd require speed-limiters in cars that would physically prevent them from speeding. Of course they won't do that because that'd obviate the need for those wonderfully-named "penalty processing centres."
Drivers will have no escape from new speed cameras