Dream Captcha for spam-free sleep


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  1. Teufelaffe says:

    Unfortunately, most CAPTCHA implementations these days are easily defeated…except for KittenAuth (http://www.kittenauth.com). Note, I am unaffiliated with the creator of KittenAuth…I just think it’s a damn good idea and beats the heck out of alpha-numeric based CAPTCHA methods.

    Basically, it displays a grid of images and asks that you click on all the images of a certain type (i.e., “Click on all the kittens”) in order to continue. *MUCH* easier to use than the gobbledy-gook that other CAPTCHA methods inflict upon us (“Is that a 5, an ‘S’ or part of the background meant to make it hard for a ‘bot to read?”).

  2. eclectro says:

    Yes, and why wouldn’t I then have dreams about furry brown mice with tails then?

  3. pstarr says:

    behold the

    “i have a dreamcatcher”


    (photo by rhinoandbird, a flickr friend of mine)

  4. pstarr says:

    ps – poke around whilst you are there, r&b’s got a mighty nice stream…

  5. travelina says:

    Carnegie Mellon rocks. In addition inventing Captcha, CMU is the home of snake robots, the bouncy yellow Keepon dancing robots, and a Styrofoam robot sheep named Moe that mows lawns:

  6. Gus23 says:

    Hi Boing Boing! Jeff Songco here saying hello! Thank you for posting about my Dream Captchas. My blog has gotten a ton of hits from your site–it’s crazy! And thanks to everyone who has been commenting about the work. I love you all!

  7. Nadreck says:

    Yes, once upon a time Native Americans caught only those dreams that they needed to live on. Now the mighty industrial trawlers of Disney et al. plunder the dreamscapes at such a pace that the Children of Morpheus are nigh well extinct.

  8. ill lich says:

    Great! Finally I can stop dreaming about how to enlarge my penis.

  9. SteamKev says:


  10. MarkHB says:

    I just got beer up my nose because of this. That’s mucking farvellous.

  11. Takuan says:

    I…I…what IS that written in the webbed hoop?

  12. dumase says:

    This is …so clever.

  13. ornith says:

    These are fantastic. If I had money, and didn’t think my cat would destroy it, I’d be buying one of these right now.

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