Halfway House: Divorcing Couple Literally Saw Their House Apart

From the Daily Mail:
200810091428.jpg "A married couple who decided to go their separate ways agreed to divide their home and its contents literally - by sawing the house in half.

One day the house was standing on stilts in a Cambodian village. The next, only half was there.

The wife will keep the half that is standing, while the husband has carried off bits and pieces of the home to put them up in a nearby field."

The house LITERALLY sawn in half by divorcing couple (Thanks, Tara McGinley!)

(Richard Metzger is a guestblogger)


  1. The mediator in their diovorce, Mr Solomon, is quoted as saying “I was just trying to judge who was the rightful owner of the house. I didn’t think they’d go through with it”

  2. Lol. Someone just posted this in-game, and I thought “I should suggest this on Boing Boing.”

    Beat me to it!

  3. @7: lol, if a divorcing couple can be inspired to do exactly the same thing as this self-proclaimed artist, and if it has the exact same effect once you disregard all the social commentary and statements of intent that he put into his accompanying abstract, then it just goes to show you that maybe not everything proclaimed as art is art.

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