Plymouth Rock Monthly -- old magazine for chicken aficionados


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  1. Beanolini says:

    It appears that the Plymouth Rock Fanciers Club Of America is still in existence.

    My father has an enormous book detailing and illustrating the minute differences between each breed of poultry- it’s absolutely fascinating.

    He considered the Rhode Island Red the most practical for home egg production- our family kept them for years and years.

  2. godwal says:

    When I was younger, my family had a flock of Rhode Island Reds and Dominiques (pronounced ’round here as ‘Dominickers’).

    Dominiques share many characteristics with Barred Rocks, and at first and second glace are very hard to distinguish. Beautiful birds and great layers.

  3. Ray DelMundo says:

    Great desing.

    The cover looks like the old Rolling Stone for chicken fanciers.

  4. Ray DelMundo says:

    I meant design.

  5. MrsBug says:

    Cool! Hubby and I are planning on getting chickens next spring and I’m sure we’ll have at least one Plymouth Rock! With the backyard/urban chicken movement picking up steam, you might find yourself a new job! :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rocks Rock!

    Post pics! We just got a Dominique rooster as well!

    Rock on, Matt!

  7. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Thanks, ITSTHOMAS — I love your blog!

  8. Rina Weisman says:

    If you feel the urge to raise chickens and sell eggs…read The Egg and I, by Betty McDonald, for some levity on the subject

  9. towelboy says:

    suddenly i’m in the mood for kentucky fried chikkenn

  10. itsthomas says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Plymouth Rock Monthly. We’ve got a couple barred Plymouth Rocks in our own backyard here in the Bay Area and have been blogging about the experience of raising chickens in the city over on

    If you do resurrect the magazine, count on me as a subscriber (only 199 to go!)

  11. Benito says:

    L. Frank Baum, creator of The Wizard of Oz, edited a publication about the Hamburg chicken for many years and his first book was about the raising of this particular breed.

    Some details on the wiki page:


  12. wolfiesma says:

    Relaunch it. My brother in law’s Barred Rock chickens are about to start laying. We’d love to share a subcription to your updated newspaper. They built a pretty bitchin chicken run/coop henhouse de-luxe. With dogs, they had to make sure it was really sturdy… and there was some trial and error involved.

  13. Lea Hernandez says:

    I love how the combination of feathers, wheat stalks and the two eggs make a stylized diagram of fallopian tubes.

    Design hilarity aside, I think I want chickens.

  14. Takuan says:

    was intending a couple of hives, now I think a small coop as well.

  15. andyhavens says:

    There are some copies in a few libraries:

    See if your local library might have an ILL relationship with any of them.

  16. Junglemonkey says:

    We’ve got Barred Rocks (as well as araucanas, black giants, black australorps, buff orpingtons and silver-laced wyandottes) and I have to say, they’re great layers and have sweet, friendly temperaments. I started keeping chickens four years ago because I don’t like the way that commercial poultry is raised, and now I not only raise laying hens, but I’ve taught all my friends how to kill and dress chickens for eating. I look on it as a survival skill. Along with my home-canned produce and homemade soap, when it all goes to hell, my family will be doing okay for themselves.

  17. Stefan Jones says:

    New from O’Reilly: COOP

    Seriously: I bet the republication rights would be very cheap. OCR the relevant articles, edit them, and publish them with a mix of new articles and advertising from equipment manufacturers.

  18. MrsBug says:

    @#13 ITSTHOMAS

    Hey, I read your blog! Cool.

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