He's a cat, flushing the toilet: music video


13 Responses to “He's a cat, flushing the toilet: music video”

  1. Amsterdaam says:

    I hope my cat never learns this. I’m going to have to block this site when I’m not around.

  2. Inox says:

    #8′s comment wins all. Still giggling.

  3. GaryInMiami says:

    Damn. I had my cats toilet trained, but didn’t think I could train them to flush.

  4. SDZion says:

    The true culprit behind the water crisis is revealed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can we replace “Rick Rolled” with “Cat Flushed?”

  6. Ocker3 says:

    love it #8, I can see this as the intro to TMBG’s Bloodmobile (version 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm1yvSiVs9U version 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy4ltrdGoVI which looks like another artist took a crack at animating it).

  7. Talia says:

    I could easily see my cats doing this. I suspect its only a matter of time.

  8. nanuq says:

    “We’ll post something about particle physics or neuroscience later today, as penance for this.”

    Did Schrodinger’s cat flush the toilet or not?

  9. alisong76 says:

    This is the greatest thing I have EVER SEEN.

    /starry eyes

  10. Editz says:

    Was this a TMBG b-side?

  11. Kieran O'Neill says:

    Lol – and I actually used this (successfully) to scare our cat so he would stop drinking from the toilet…

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Tom Hale says:

    Cute, if you think cats are fascinated with flushing toilets, you should see a ferret’s reaction – of course they can’t flush it themselves.

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