John Cleese on Sarah Palin: "Monty Python Could Have Written This."

Via seesmiccafe: "The former Monty Python star shares his unsparing thoughts and views about GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin." Video Link.


  1. ‘Ello, Missus Polly Palin Parrot! I’ve got a lovely fresh cuttle fish for you if you show…

  2. She’s pinin’ for the fjords, but she’s not quite dead, yet. She’s getting better. Oh! She’s died.

  3. My grandma’s parrot actually knew what she was saying. This comparison is kinda unfair to parrot I’d say ;)

  4. What a nasty thing to say about parrots! Actually, there was a parrot named Alex, trained by Dr. Irene Pepperberg, which clearly understood the content of human language. I think Alex’s brain was bigger than Sarah Palin’s, so the comparison may be unfair to her.

  5. What are the odds of this – I had my full 2200+ MP3 collection on shuffle play, and The Lumberjack Song came on just as this post popped up in my feed reader. It’s got to be cosmic coincidence…

  6. @MIKS2U
    (Total number of post views)*(Portion of views where viewer was listening to music on shuffle)*(Average size of library)*(Portion of songs that can be construed as relevant to post) = The chances of a relevant song coming on for someone are probably not that low.

  7. (Total number of post views)*(Portion of views where viewer was listening to music on shuffle)*(Average size of library)*(Portion of songs that can be construed as relevant to post)

    If you feed that into the Improbability Drive you’ll be on Magrathea in minutes.

  8. “I took the liberty of examining that parrot when I got it home, and I discovered the only reason that it had been sitting on its perch in the first place was that it had been NAILED there.”

  9. Lol. And so eloquently and succinctly put.

    That’s about all any reasonable, thinking person needs to say about Palin.

  10. @Maddy In fact, he’s a supporter of the Liberal Democrats in the UK. They’re a left-of-centre group.

    In the USA, they’d be called extreme left – but then, so would our Conservatives…

  11. #20 yes it’s a bit difficult to compare such things, the US political spectrum is totally diffrent to what it is in Europe.

    It reminds me of an old Peter Cook sketch, ‘Introduction to American Politics’…

    ‘First you have the Republican Party, they are the equivalent to the British Conservative Party.
    Then you have the Democratic Party, they are the equivalent to the British Conservative Party’

    It’s always bemusing to hear a democrat being described at ‘liberal’

  12. Particularly as the British political spectrum seems to have been folded back on itself, so that the Tories have to work hard to keep themselves to the right of NuLabour and the LibDems are hanging out on the left all by themselves.

  13. Michael Palin was always my favorite from Monty Python. He had his own show for a while, which I enjoyed. I hated when it was canceled. After wiki-ing, looks like it was a series of shows not an actual series. That doesn’t make sense does it. Look for yourself here, under Television documentaries.

  14. #25 – I think you’re getting confused.

    He has made several travel programmes – Around The World in 80 days, Pole to Pole etc. Each was a series of about 8 episodes.

    They’ve never been ‘cancelled’ as such, each was a self contained journey. He’s still making them, Palin’s New Europe being the most recent which was shown last year

  15. History is about to repeat. Didn’t everyone say Bush was stupid. He was a moron. How come he won the election. Twice. Bush is not stupid. He’s only pretending.

    I doubt Palin is stupid. She got elected as governor. How many of us here can get ourselves elected to the town council? Who is more stupid, the one pretending to be, or the ones taken in? We’ll know when she sneaks into office.

    Everyone who thought there couldn’t possibly be anyone worse then Bush will regret saying “anyone but Bush”.

  16. The American public likes to vote for candidates who represent them — who feed their sense of “If my life had gone a bit differently, I could do that.”

    Unfortunately, half the American public, by definition, is below average. Any candidate who truly represents the populace is going to be pretty darned mediocre. That isn’t what we need.

    And I’m not sure Palin meets even that standard.

    I used to respect McCain. As of this campaign, he’s scaring me. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and postulate that he’s reluctantly going along with the advice of his handlers even though it goes against his own sense of what’s best for the country… but putting it kindly, that isn’t leadership.

  17. watching a video of bible spice last night, i was struck by cindy mccain’s response when sarah said how mccain ” was fighting corruption and greed in washington.” cindymac ’bout busted out laughing! it seemed it was all she could do to contain it. funny.

  18. That’s funny. During the Couric and Gibson interviews, all I could think of was how much Palin reminded me of a John Cleese character, Anne Elk (Miss).

  19. Ahem. This is my theory, which I developed, which is to say that it is mine. The theory which I shall share which is mine is that ahem John McCain is a maverick.

    And so on and so forth.

    And now…its’

  20. Sadly, the Palin nomination reminds me of a somewhat different Monty Python sketch:

    (Yes, I know, Godwin. But watch until the rally near the end, and the part where “Ron Vibbentrop” sidles up next to the stereotypical yokel. The Pythons’ point was that the English middle class would be too polite to mention that the 3rd Reich was hiding out in a coastal B&B. Many Americans would likely say “Oh, he’s just like me…he’s a maverick.”)

    “I am not a racialist, but…und this is a big but…”

  21. I got a reply from the Seesmic guy who says the entire video will be posted at the end of the week for anyone else searching for the whole thing. More when I know more…

  22. It’s like the Republicans know they’re going to lose this time so they just put out McCain and Palin as a formality.

  23. #27 – The poster in #25 was referring to Ripping Yarns, not his travel shows. It started with “Tomkinson’s Schooldays”, which led into a series, in which each show was an independant story, with its own characters and setting.

  24. He’s probably wishing the last American woman he married was as dumb as Sarah Palin, she (also his shrink)made off with half of everything he owned.

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