New McCain TV smear ad leaked: "The REAL Real Barack Obama"

Video Link (By Jay Smooth, Thanks, Jesse Thorn!)


  1. Oh that’s a hoot.

    So is the implication that McCain’s *actual* Ayers ad is just covert racism?

    Are we really at the point where all criticism of Obama is racism?

  2. LOL @ Will Smith == “Gangster Rap”.

    Also, yet more evidence that the two-party system is fatally flawed. Nobody even has to talk about issues anymore. They just have to put out ads about why the other guy sucks.

  3. Can you imagine a white Senator being accused of being a terrorist because he served on a board with Ayers? I can’t.

    In Middle America, Barak Obama is just a shade away from being Arab. McCain and his pet poodle know this full well.

  4. haha, cute.

    There’s also a swipe in there about Palin being so critical of community organizers in that speech of hers a while back, I think.

  5. I recall (black) people on TV last declaring that Obama was neither “black” nor “African American” because he was not the descendant of African slaves. And now he’s Arab?

  6. I’m not sure everyone is getting this… The cue for me was the cast of What’s Happening, followed by George Clinton. C’mon people, its funny.

  7. This made me laugh and laugh. I sure needed that.

    “I’m John McCain and I just don’t care anymore.”

  8. i wonder why nobody ever harps on the fact that “Barack” is a hebrew word meaning “lightning”, or “prosperity”. odd. not the name, just people’s ‘tudes.

  9. Actually, in his case, I’m not sure “Barack” means that. However, “Barak” (my last name, no “c”) does mean that. I could be wrong though – maybe both do.

  10. #16: Bozo the Clown and Attila the Hun also have the same middle name, but the former isn’t likely to conquer Asia.

  11. haha loved this link! Also, <3 for Xeni "Hussein" Jardin, I think I'll use it on school assignments.

    One other thing: It's lost on me how anyone's name, let alone middle name, has anything to do with his or her qualifications to be President.

    1. Hmmm. It’s much harder to add a middle name when you don’t have a last name.

  12. “Barack” done mean “light’ng in jeew-talk? Damn!
    He’z a Mooslim-Jew-Black! and them’s the worst kind!

  13. it’s a funny old world I tell you, but when’s all said I done I just got to say that at least I don’t have to work for Thracians.

  14. ANTINOUS: hahahaha!

    Stopped over at the O campaign hq today and picked up a button that says: “ThatOne’08”. -Fer real! Names are overrated. =D

    TAKUAN: Damn Thracians. Splitters!

  15. Colbert hosts a woman who claims Obama is not black…

    The Dave Chappelle paradox?
    “Too black for white people; too white for black people.”

    Some days I grow impatient for everyone completely ignorant of genetics to hurry up and die off so this social construction of “race” can finally be permanently put down.

    The resurgence of identity politics is like Friday the 13th movies; you keep thinking this one has to be the last time Jason comes back… but oh no, then they make another stupid sequel with an even more ridiculous plot.

  16. I am so in love with Jay Smooth. I thought this video was great, but most of his stuff is even better.

  17. These all still “pale” in comparison to his latest latest ad:

    Truly shocking. The man must be stopped.

  18. @pduggie while Mccain himself may have not said anything blatantly racist he certainly hasn’t been stopping his supporters from saying things of a similar nature(including his running mate) if you don’t believe me check this out:
    Truth is Mccain knows that he has little chance to no chance of winning so he preys on his only real loyal constituents(senior citizens) fears and to be brutally honest, their mental “absence”. I am a proffesional caretaker, and politics often come up in the conversation. When I ask them ” why do you like Palin?” they reply “Oh shes just so cute!” or they’ll ask me “Don’t you know Obama is a muslim/terrorist/babykiller/Natzi?” and when I ask where did you hear that they say “oh somewhere” or “i dont remember” or they’ll try to change the subject. Truth is they are simply afraid of having a black man above them. Racism is an ugly thing and its far from being dead.

  19. Hi Jay:

    I think that comment should have been for Tom Hale, actually. I’ll stick with the nice Clinton reference you made, or the T-Heads, personally. Thanks for tearing the roof off the sucker! =D

  20. *shudder* Once again I’m reminded of how vicious U.S. advertising can get.

    But lol at this satire, anyway.

    And lol again at Xeni and Antinous “Hussein”!

  21. 0:32 the “CHANGE” sign says “HANG”

    Scared of that! Let’s hope the radical right doesn’t catch on.

  22. I love the pictures of the guys from What’s Happenin’ and Good Times (?) flanking Obama with scary incidental music. And George Clinton.

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